San Francisco Love Parade returns in 2006 as ‘Love Fest’

The San Francisco Love Parade returns for a third year on September 23rd as Love Fest. The name was changed because the Love Parade Berlin organization did not renew any of their worldwide licenses not already under contract so they could focus on their own event. Regardless of the name, the event is expected to draw a large crowd. The first Love Parade in San Francisco opened with a small following of an estimated 37,000 people. Last year’s parade was longer and bigger with an attendance of 50-60,000 people. According to Wikipedia, “The Love Parade has its roots in the spirit of a changing Europe. In 1989, it was first celebrated 4 months before the demolition of the Berlin Wall. It was started by the fresh Berlin Underground under the initiative of Matthias Roeingh aka “Dr. Motte”. It was held as a political demonstration for peace and international understanding through music.”

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