Macy’s Passport Fashion Show

For the past 24 years, Macy’s Passport has increased social awareness of HIV/AIDS related issues, and raised nearly $22 million to benefit HIV/AIDS research, care, prevention and education programs. This year’s Passport show featured guest designers Richie Rich and Traver Rains of Heatherette. Sean John (the design, not the person) opened the show, M.A.C Viva Glam returned again to close the show.

As fashion shows go, the Passport show is by far the biggest and longest running show in San Francisco. It involved hundreds of people and includes very high production value rivaling some of the most elaborate stage shows. Although this year’s show still takes top ranks as the biggest fashion show in the city, it’s starting to look like a one trick pony. They seem have a formula and each year they make small substitutions to some elements and slap a new year on the program. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a formula that works but for patrons who attend each year, it can get a little repetitive. I mean how many times do we need to see M.A.C Viva Glam close the show with a sea of red gowns? This year’s show also seemed smaller and shorter as they cut out the Barbie kids segment. By far the most popular segment is the underwear segment. 2(x)ist replaced Calvin Klein as the designer for this year’s show and Bali was featured for the women’s segment. With all the designer lingerie labels out there, you would think they could do a little better than Bali. As in the past, there was a student design segment featuring selected designers from Academy of Art University.

The Passport show is completely produced in Los Angeles with most of the talent casted there. There is very little about the show which ties it to San Francisco other than the Student design segment. Wouldn’t it be novel if they offered a segment to feature local designers? Even if they didn’t include any local designers in the runway portion, they could still invite local designers to show during the pre and post parties which always include local restaurants offering samples. As it stands now, it feels like a show canned in Hollywood and dropped into San Francisco. Many in the San Francisco fashion community attend the show and this year was no exception.

San Francisco student designer Jason Christopher Peters was spotted on opening night posing with models Leigha (left) and Brooke (right). Fresh back from N.Y. Fashion Week, Jason tells me he has accepted an internship with Betsey Johnson in New York.

Also in the crowd was Michael Moskowitz of Gytha Mander whom I met at Gen Art’s Inspiration Defined show back in April. Michael designs an amazing line of finely tailored men’s wear and women’s wear and just has to be seen to be appreciated.

FIDM student designer Alli Lake was also in attendance checking out the crowd. Alli is working on a line of women’s swimwear.

Of course, no gallery of the Passport show would be complete without the token underwear shot so here’s one for the girls…

…and one for the boys.

This year’s image gallery contains 721 images from the opening night show. For comparison, you can also check out last year’s gallery. The images from the 2004 show can also be found here.