Art And Fashion At The California Modern Art Gallery

Missing Piece presents an art/fashion event taking place at the California Modern Art Gallery (1035 Market St. @ 6th/7th) San Francisco starting at 8 p.m. The interactive art installations include Video Mad Libs, Photo Booth, Running With Scissors, Verse Forge Poetry, Patchwork Knitting, Live Painting, Silkscreen Mash-up, Magic, Music, and More.Missing Piece fashion show begins at 10 p.m. The Love Cycle: Exploring emotional phases in the alchemical process of Love, featuring designers Miranda Caroligne, Molly Rebuschatis, Jeremy Parr, KAYO, MonTree, Chrystie Cappelli, and Larissa Firmino.

Also appearing will be live sketch artists Marc Scheff, Jarett Fajardo, Hugh Leeman, Shawn Hannah, Jeremy Reule, and Duane Williams. Tickets start at $10.00.