The List of Lists

I was sitting around chatting on YM with my internet BFF Jenna last night when she sent me a real gem of a find. She was searching on Google for some red suspenders and stumbled onto this blog. It’s written by a Model Mayhem forum lurker who decided to create a series of lists. As in any list, they can never be 100% accurate and all inclusive but by in large, she nailed it. Some of the comments are just as funny as the lists. Who knows if the creator of these lists is actually the person in the picture. For all we know, it could be anyone on Model Mayhem with a fake account. Regardless, it’s a fun read if you know who those people are. So this got me thinking, I need to create some of my own lists. So without further delay, I present to you my lists:

In no particular order.

Model Mayhem’s biggest Off Topic forum attention whores:

The Mayhem List: The complete list of Playboy models