Moderator Musical Chairs

In light of the recent fiasco regarding Todd’s abuse of moderator powers in several threads, it appears Model Mayhem’s solution is to play a little musical chair with the forum moderators. Todd was the moderator for Critique but has not been moved to Newbie. Andrea Acailawen used to be in Newbie but is now in Critique. Well this is kind of like reassigning an incompetent cop from one precinct to another. You don’t really solve the problem. You just shift it to another area where more poor decisions can be made.

In the case of Todd, the fundamental problem is not the lack of experience. In several cases, he has exercised poor judgment and abused his moderator privileges. Moving him to another forum does nothing to address this problem. It’s not a training issue, it’s not a breaking in period issue. He just lacks the capacity to make impartial rulings and has shown a complete lack of good judgment on several occasions. While Andrea has had at least one case of over moderation, I believe hers was just a case of over enthusiasm.

The latest addition to the pool of forum moderators is MC who is a fairly popular member. I like MC so I’m going to wish her the best and hope she will follow the advice which I have given about good forum moderation.