Gizmodo reportedly paid $5,000 for “lost” iPhone 4G

Image via CrunchBase

Gizmodo paid $10,000 for “lost” iPhone 4G | Edible Apple.

As a follow up to this earlier story, Edible Apple is reporting that Gizmodo reportedly paid $10,000 $5,000 for the lost iPhone 4 prototype. If that is true, Gizmodo got a bargain as the pageview to the story is now over 2.5 5.4 million and climbing. Apple probably would have paid more to get it back but the mere offer would probably land that person in jail for extortion. So I guess a cool $5,000 is not a bad payday.

Update: The Apple employee who lost the phone has been identified as Gary Powell.

Update 2: Nick Denton, founder of Gawker Media who operates, said the company paid $5,000 for the phone.

Update 3: Apple confirmed authenticity of prototype iPhone 4 by sending Gizmodo a demand letter to return the phone.

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