Jun 11

Arrest warrant issued for Jason Andrews for capital murder

Jason Andrews

Mugshot from an unrelated shoplifting charge on May 18th, 2010.

Update: Jason Andrews was arrested on July 15th, 2010 in Chattanooga, TN by U.S. Marshals and the Chattanooga Police.

An arrest warrant for capital murder has been issued by the Pasco County Sheriff’s department for Jason Richard Andrews. Based on the physical description and the date of birth, this is the same Jason Richard Andrews arrested in Pinellas County for retail theft. At the time of his arrest, Andrews had on his possession a Home Depot card of murder victim Dennis Abrahamsen. Pasco County Sheriff spokesman Kevin Doll confirmed they are looking for Andrews but declined to comment further.

Andrews is being sought for his role in the brutal sledgehammer killing of massage parlor owner Dennis Abrahamsen. He was with Amanda Logue the night of the murder when she allegedly struck Abrahamsen in the head with a sledgehammer and stabbed him multiple times as he laid on a massage table after a videotaped sex party with another couple. The two were arrested on charges of stealing $67.97 worth of clothes from Beall’s in Largo, FL a few days later by the Largo police. Andrews had the victim’s Home Depot credit card in his possession and later investigation revealed he had charged $409.31 on May 17th. At the time of that arrest, both were questioned about the killing but there was insufficient evidence to hold them at the time. Amanda Logue was later arrested for murder in Leesburg, GA at her estranged husband’s home.  She agreed to extradition to Florida and was transferred to Land O’Lakes detention center on June 7th, 2010.

Amanda Logue arrest report

Amanda Logue arrest report

Although Sheriff’s department spokesman declined to comment about the evidence against Andrews, there is compelling evidence in the series of text messages he exchanged with Logue prior to the murder. Detectives do not have a current address for Andrews. The address he listed at the time of his theft arrest was 2105 West Bristol Ave, Tampa, Fl. That turned out to be the Hyde Park Hotel.
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His Myspace page list him in Chicago, IL and his porn profile on SeanCody.com claims he is originally from the UK, yet another site claims he was born in Israel and moved to the UK so the police may have to cast a wide net. Additionally, a DJ music site list he was raised in Westham, on the East End of London and has spent time in Los Angeles. Now if he can just update his tweets with geo-location turned on, it will make finding him so much easier.