Oh! What a tangled web we weave

For those who don’t know what’s going on, a member on Model Mayhem announced on September 29, 2010 she was dying of cancer. It was followed by a large outpouring of love and support by the community and everyone was told she died 2 weeks later on October 15th.

Edit: December 16, 2010. I had originally hidden this post as the matter came to a close and I didn’t want Daniel Colegrove to get any more attention. But I just found out he is perpetrating more lies in the MyLesPaul.com forum (P1 P2 P3 P4 P5)  so I’m reopening this posts to allow Google and other search engines to reindex this for the benefit of his future victims. One more thing. High five to mylespaul forum member Harmony.

Breaking news: Clare Hesse is alive and she does not have cancer

For those who don’t know what’s going on, a member on Model Mayhem announced on September 29,  2010 she was dying of cancer. It was followed by a large outpouring of love and support by the community and everyone was told she died 2 weeks later on October 15th. People started to get suspicious when no details were provided about her life, sickness, or funeral arrangements. Members separated into two camps, believers and doubters. Simple questions posed to Daniel Colegrove, the only person who claims to have known her and was her caretaker, went unanswered. This fueled more doubt and he eventually closed his account without providing any answers only to show up here to provide fewer answers. (Daniel has since deleted his comments from that thread so you will only see the replies to his comments. There was nothing substantial anyway.) Shortly after Daniel replied and left in that thread, an anonymous Facebook user named Tom Shields with a cartoon avatar and no info joined the group to say he spoke to Clare five times. When asked to verify his identity, he decline and his membership was revoked as anonymous profiles are a violation of Facebook’s terms of service.

I can’t take credit for all of this. I’m simply consolidating information I and others have found on the net about Daniel Colegrove’s circle jerk of references. Decide for yourself the “truthiness” of these events.

  • Mar 24, 2007: Clare Hesse creates a profile on Model Mayhem with four pictures from Daniel Colegrove aka Image is Nothing. For 3.5 years, no new images are ever uploaded despite her being active on the forum with 817 posts, multiple offers to shoot, and living in Los Angeles, CA. Eventually, she would become a gatekeeper and a member of an advisory group setup to offer opinions about site policy. Gatekeepers approve profiles on Model Mayhem by casting yes or no votes. 3 of 5 votes are required for approval or rejection.
  • March 27,  2007: Someone named Claire posts a glowing testimonial about Daniel’s wedding photography.
  • July 2007: Someone named Claire Edison used a picture from Clare Hesse to posts a glowing testimonial about Daniel’s headshot photography. A Google search of “Claire Edison” reveals no information about anyone who might use a headshot.
  • October 2008: Conveniently, on the same headshot testimonial page, someone named Anna Giselle also post a testimonial about Daniel. She claims to have an agent but she needs to fire her agent because she has zero web presence as it relates to entertainment arts.
  • October 4, 2008: Flip over to Model Mayhem and BAM! a profile of Anna Giselle with five pictures shot by Daniel and no other updates since then. Look familiar? After months lying dormant, Anna mysteriously logs in after her profile was made public. She then tags Clare’s profile offering her condolences and proceeds to remove Daniel from her top 12 list of friends.
  • Someone named DMarx post in a thread he works for Daniel and have met Clare. He then promptly closes his profile. Daniel then confirms Dmarx exist and that he saw him close his profile. (Circle jerk of references)
  • Another model account (cached) connected to Daniel is either canceled or closed.
  • Someone named Moshe Richart writes a wikipedia page about Daniel Colegrove and references a website with less than 10 pages with heroic articles about Daniel’s coverage of 3 world conflicts and spending time in a Chilean prison. Moshe Richart conveniently dies in 2008. There is no journalist named Moshe Richart dead or alive.
  • Then someone named Myra Edison adds a few tidbits and she also serves are reference for Moshe Richart. She is also quoted in the fake website with those heroic articles. It appears Clare Hesse became Claire Edison who then became Myra Edison. This Wikipedia page is then used as reference in Daniel’s bio on his website. (Circle jerk of references)
  • When asked about Myra Edison, Daniel replied “…I do know a M. Edison… Just didn’t know she was using Clare’s image.”
  • In this post, Daniel claims Clare’s legal name is Myra Holden. That’s not to be confused with Claire Edison or Myra Edison or M. Edison.
  • Sometime late on October 23rd, someone logged into Clare’s Model Mayhem account and removed all her photos.
  • Clare’s profile was removed on October 24th.
  • A member reported someone named DCColegrove has been banned from a BMW forum in part for this thread.
  • October 25th: The real Clare is found and is identified as Clarissa Cromwell, a friend of Daniel Colegrove’s daughter.
  • October 25th: Apparently, ‎”Myra Edison” also lives as she is in his wikipedia page desperately trying to save his fluff piece from deletion by removing unreferenced statements.
  • October 25th: All content on http://www.digitalphotojournalist.org/ is removed. That was the site used as reference for Daniel’s Wikipedia bio.
  • November 6th: Daniel Colegrove goes in the My Les Paul forum (P1 P2 P3 P4 P5) and starts spinning new lies claiming he was hacked.

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  • Thanks Pat for making this all clear.

  • Secret!

    you so missed the BMW stuff 🙂 where he was banned for posing on multiple profiles and posting bullcrap car information.

  • Secret!

    I’ve seen this shit happen before on several gaming sites I’ve been associated with so I avoided the “Clare” thread in its entirety. It smelled of hoax all the way. She posts in a very masculine tone if you read all of her old posts. 🙂 which I had done too.

    BMW the creme de la creme of his bullshit:
    He was banned from this BMW site: http://www.r3vlimited.com/BOARD/member.php?u=16319

    Along with a couple friends, which who knows may have been him:

    Sounds like a lot of false claims of what he has done with BMW’s refer to this thread:

    Check his friends prop him. Then check this:

    Originally Posted by Philo View Post
    It’s because he is that nutsack. He is Danny Colgrove/DCColgrove/Liam/Dillinger. He’s just trolling to piss off the internets and you guys fulfill his wished.

    I like him better when he takes the role of Liam. At least he is somewhat helpful.
    No honestly Im not him. He was liam but I dont think he posts anymore.

    So on the subject at hand how much should I shell out for this car?

    From page 15 I think… My eyes are getting tired. He posed as multiple parties there it seems for sure.

    Supposedly owns (maybe owned) this site” http://www.bmwzenperformance.com/

    • “BMW Technician 29 years.” How did he find the time to do all that between his time in a Chilean prison, coverage of 3 world conflicts, and inventing new lighting technology for forensic photography?He is more interesting than the Dos Equis man. ……Stay thirsty my friend.

  • It makes no sense

    What he or she was doing wasn’t right for sure but the evidence is sketchy and one of the people involved here is no longer able to speak for themselves.

    • Who is not here to speak for themselves? Did another one of the characters die?

      • Guest

        Not that I know of but most of them are brigged or removed from the site at the very least 😮

        • Just because you can’t speak on MM does not mean you can’t speak.

  • Warren

    Always some Milli Vanilli shit on MM.

  • Blackboots

    I find it hilarious that James is so emotional about something that happened on MM after all the pissing and moaning he did when they kicked him off the site. For someone who dislikes MM so much, it’s interesting that he’s so up to date on the happenings…..

    • James/SLE Photo here.
      Pat, your blog STILL won’t allow me to log in & I have that idiotic Disqus crap set as an allowed domain.

      Blackboots, I’m not particularly emotional, I’m more amused by the extent of their bullshit & how the ongoing hypocrisy of the mods in damaging the site & members to further their own agendas is so amply demonstrated here. To the extent that I am bothered, it’s solely in the face of “These are the same jerks who lied publicly about me on multiple occasions and now they’re defending this?” But honestly I have bigger fish to fry & this’s an amusing time waster when I can’t play “Farmtown.”

      The ONLY reasons I’m aware of it are because
      a) a lot of people approach me (and Pat, for that matter) about nonsense that goes on at MM, not because we ask but because they want someone to talk to who knows the truth about the extent of the BS there. I was asked to an online chat where about a dozen members were discussing it & that was the first I ever heard of “Clare.”
      b) Pat started his handy dandy Facebook group & I read about it & followed the links there.

      Prior to this, I hadn’t looked at the MM forums in ages outside of reading SF2 for laughs or digging thru some stuff in Site Related looking for things we shouldn’t do at Model Insider. 🙂

      I find it SO much more interesting that someone’s taken the time out to throw shit at me but at the same time is far too cowardly to say who he or she is, likely because you’re someone I embarrassed or made a fool of over your own bad behavior or you ARE one of the thugs who misuses the mod position.

      (Please note I’m not saying ALL the mods do so, most are well meaning volunteers. It’s just a few of them like Dean Johnson or Greg Cobb who seem to regard being a mod as an excuse to be worthless bastards.)

  • Mailme

    Ive be reluctant to sing up on model mayhem. Im a newb photographer. I’ve been a graphic designer for some 8 years now. Been working with the creative suite for about 11-12 years now. I work for an internet security company and keep up on my memes, and frankly Model Mayhem one of the most retarded places I’ve ever seen. A very good friend of mine has been working around there for some time now and I constantly hear bullshit about this and that. Petty highschool antics of full fledged adults. Its insane. Sociopaths, liars, scams, thief’s, scum bags, frauds, fakes, the list goes on and on… and on. Having had plenty of Moderator/Admin experience, the way that site is handled reminds me of a old rave forum i used to admin/mod. We made plenty of mistakes because we could. We had allegiances, and little flame wars, but in the end, we figured out a way to handle the poor fucks. Those who moderate have to be neutral. They must only govern by the rules every user has agreed to. They woudl only have one account. If they chose to have two, they where subject to a slightly limited version of moderating. They where not able to delete accounts, or delete threads, etc, etc. They where under watch by the main admin and mods. IT was recommended that you dont get involved int he bullshit. From what it sounds like, the MM guys are heavily involved, actively partaking in passive aggressive, childish behavior, and frankly, act like a bunch of ass hats because its the internet and there is little to no accountability. Adults acting like children in a business environment. Ive never seen such bullshit back stabbing retardation in my entire life before poking around model mayhem a few times. ITS PATHETIC. $0.02

    • In any large community, you’ll get a little of everything but to paint MM with a broad stroke of negativity is a mistake. There simply is no other site of that size for networking photographers and models. If you work in fashion, you can join models.com and there are niche sites for glamor. But for a little of everything, nothing beats Model Mayhem. You just have to learn to wade through all the bullshit. And if you don’t go into the forums or try to put up titties on your avatar, it’s pretty much drama free.

  • Mailme-AnonAgain

    Hate to say it… but… Who gives a fuck… I forgot to add that to my last comment.

    Seriously. Hes a fraud, its a hoax, move on… get over it… Who the fuck posts shit about dying of cancer on a site like model mayhem. Thats some shit you deal with around yoru family, friends, and close colleges.

    This whole thing sounds like a scum bag trying to get work is the lamest possible way. Using a disease that takes millions of people (good people at that) from us each year. Thats not a funny joke, and its sure as shit isnt cool to use something like that for monetary gain. I hope this guy gets hit by a truck.

  • Anon

    Are we going to get to see what went on during your conversation with her? You posted that update hours ago and then radio silence.

    • I have not spoken to her since it was 12:30 am. She told me she does not recognize the other two model profiles and that she will call Model Mayhem tomorrow.

  • MMCR

    I effing new it! I’m one of those people who “google” everything…
    I didn’t want to be a bitch in the thread and say “has anyone bothered to confirm any of this info?’ But now I wish I had!

    • MMCR

      I can spell. I sware. lol

  • Guest

    What is most absurd about all of this is, that just like the hoax, this is only a small picture of what really happened and some of the mutts sitting at the computer take it as gospel.

    Prepare for a lot more MM drama, just because you cut off the left hand doesn’t mean the right hand can’t function, especially if there were more than two hands.

    I talked to todays whipping boy when this first blew up on MM and advised him that he has the Right to be silent. Who knows, maybe he is smart enough now and will exercise that right.

    The moral of this story?: If you are not insured, don’t hand anyone the keys to your car.

    • This sounds a lot like Daniel craving more attention.

  • Timber vs The Mote

    Yeah, OK Pat,

    1. the girl in the picture is still alive and well.

    2. there has been some massive *uckery going on.

    3. The whole discussion has been so polarized no body is going to see that the “truth” is not represented by “some” facts.

    4. You have been a big part in this polarization that has obscured the “truth”.

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  • Amazing

    You are either A very foolish or B very brave.

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