San Francisco stumbled again with the latest attempt at throwing a fashion event

In the case of Eco-Fashion Show at the Bentley Reserve on November 18th organized by Yetunde Schuhmann, founder of SF Style, it was a little different. It was under hyped and under delivered.


Eco Fashion Show San Francisco. (c) Pat YuenFrom a production standpoint, the show ran 50 minutes late on a Thursday night and didn’t start until almost 10 pm. The fashion show itself was preceded by a very talented performance by singer Ryan Marcell who performed for 20 minutes so if the models were not ready, there was no reason to not start the show 20 minutes earlier. The crowd of less than 200 was getting antsy since some of them had been there for 2.5 hours. Backstage, there did not appear to be any sense of urgency even as the start of the show went pass 30 minutes overdue. In addition to the complete lack of preshow publicity, the production was also hurt by overpriced tickets. San Francisco cannot support ticket prices of $65 for a fashion show nobody has heard of from obscure designers. They would have been better off charging $5 to get 2,000 people in there.


This is not how you light Ford model Victoria Hall on the runway.

As for lighting, it was my own personal hell as it appears there was a blind man operating the spot light. The room itself had no professional lighting and to make things worse, there were occasional spots on the runway making consistent photography all but impossible. As if this was not bad enough, the problem was made even worse by someone pointing a spotlight at the models midsection the entire time. It’s unclear if this lighting person had a personal fetish with belts or waistlines but the end result is very bright torso with the models’ face in the shadow. There is nothing a photographer can do to overcome this. Speaking of photographers, I was one of two and I ended up there by accident. Can you imagine a runway show where there are no photographers? That was almost a reality at this show.

Now having said all that, I do applaud the organizers, designers, and models for a good effort. But the general public does not pay hard earned money for trying. In the end, a show has to deliver for the intended audience and this show failed. Hopefully, this will be a hard lesson for those involved to do better the next time if there is a next time.

Eco Fashion Show San Francisco. (c) Pat Yuen

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