FTV Modelling scam

Over a month after I first reported this scam, it appears to be still going on so it warrants a new post. In short, Jason Earle of FTV Modellling is a webcam interview scam where he/they will try to get girls naked on webcam. What makes this scam a little unique is that he has managed to fool a bunch of photographers into doing some of his dirty work for him.

FTV Modelling scam
FTV Modelling scam
FTV Modelling scam

Over a month after I first reported this scam, it appears to be still going on so it warrants a new post. In short, Jason Earle of FTV Modellling is a webcam interview scam where he/they will try to get girls naked on webcam. What makes this scam a little unique is that he has managed to fool a bunch of photographers into doing some of his dirty work for him. Most of the time I don’t pay much attention to these as webcam interview scams are a dime a dozen. Basically, someone will try to get girls to strip in front of a webcam under the guise of an interview or evaluation. Don’t be an idiot. There is no such thing as webcam interviews or evaluations in legitimate modeling. There is no such thing as international modeling agencies. There is no such thing as model training via webcam. There is probably no such person as Jason Earle. It’s nothing but a front to get amateur porn content or masturbation material. Their website is hiding behind a registrar in France. They claim to be operating out of Australia. It does not really matter. Everything on their site are probably lies. For all anyone knows, it can be a 14 year old Guatemalan boy or a 60 year old fat dude sitting in his underwear pretending to have a non functional webcam. There’s not much point in repeating so I’ll just give you some links to read. My blog post about this scam is currently ranked #1 among results not affiliated with this scam but it’ll be nice to get it up higher as it appears the message is not getting through so feel feel to share this link via the share buttons below.

Edit April 8th, 2011: In the comment section below, you’ll see different comments from a Jay York and more recently from a Brenda. They are the same person as they are posting from the same IP. I guess they didn’t buy the book “Fake internet identities for dummies”.

  • Jay York

    Regarding people writing blogs about FTV Modelling.
    The girl Khat Rhad that put in the first Blog. I myself actually organised the interview with her and got Alana Hemming from our office ( Alana’s email [email protected]) to get her a webcam as she didn’t have one so she could do the interview as we do allocate webcams to models to help them, so she had the interview with my boss and he told her she had too many tattoo’s and said NO to her about becoming one of our models and then I asked her to return the webcam and she said, quote “ no, fuck off, I did not get any work from you so I am keeping the webcam ” this is her MM link http://www.modelmayhem.com/po.php?thread_id=672406&page=1
    So I called the police and they went and saw her in San Fran where she lives and she got pissed at that so she got this photographer whom she knows called Patrick Yuen to post some crap about us also, (which by the way you don’t see his phone number on there etc. where we publish ours on our website) anyway, I don’t think she liked the police going there so she posted all that crap and some other girls I had lent webcams too to help out read this and also then they thought they would not return them either after reading that thinking they could keep them.
    But they were not a gift and were purchased by our company as a loan item. So I had the police chase these girls up also, because if you are given a product or item, even from your own friend like a lawn mower or something and you refuse to return it, it’s stealing to keep the item as most people know and they thought they would be smart and keep them. However the police do not see it that way.
    Now if you want, you can talk to any of our models on our website http://www.ftvmodelling.com for instance like Paizly Contreras who went through an interview and a link to her email is on the website even as she was interviewed by my boss Jason in Australia and ask her about how interviews go and others that have done interviews and I am sure she and they will tell you… as I said, her email link is even on the website if you go to this link http://www.ftvmodelling.com/#/model-paizly-contreras/4548014092 and then this Patrick Yuen the photographer lists we are in France, I wish…lol. All you have to is look at the website and it has our phone numbers as I said and did he call, NO he never called lol why should he, it doesn’t make for good sensationalism to know the truth or facts, True? or he could have easily looked in the Australian phone book http://www.whitepages.com.au and typed in FTV Modelling and then hit the find button which gives him the address and same phone number as on the website and call, but did he, NO , lol what a moron, so anyway you can do the same, just look, he didn’t even bother lol and as this girl Khat is a friend of his and that’s not even her real name by the way. I have her real name and address etc. just as I say she did not like police being involved, but she thought she would be smartass and keep the webcam and sorry, but I will not let any model steal or be a smartass to me.

    Now, as to JVLC network he is a photographer in Vegas who I got the police again to go to one of his models who tried keeping the webcam also and our lawyers contacted her as well, so he thought he would be smart and post that, she never even did an interview just stole the webcam so that’s all crap.

    As to ABOVE100 – Freelance Jobs….Topic: FTV MODELLING CONTEST & JOBS FOR FREELANCE MODELING, that’s real, contact them. shows how much of a moron this Patrick Yuen is again posting real stuff, but again he did not contact them at all, NO one contacts anyone, you just like to believe as most people do Sensationalism, you just read this crap and believe it, why not contact people or call us, our phone numbers are all there. Also naturally, we and our models tried sending into these blogs, however they have to be approved first apparently, so did they go on their blogs, NO, as they don’t want the truth as I say, it doesn’t look as good. True?

    As to Luminescent Memories blog, well I did post blogs about him taking shots of models to get his rocks off as he says, I admit that, however have you seen his nude shots, they are porn, the girls sitting there with their legs wide open in a skirt and no panties on etc. so you can see their pussy, now that’s not modeling as I said. So I posted it and he got pissed off, have a look at his nude shots and see for yourself if you call that modeling or even artistic nude, you don’t see shots like this on our website. This is his link to these nude shots.
    so goes to show how right I was, as they are not modeling and he gets the girls to do these shots for nothing and tells them he will get them work and doesn’t, so I posted it as I said and he got pissed and posted that crap, it happens.
    Also, this Patrick Yuen posts this,

    “1…There is no such thing as webcam interviews or evaluations in legitimate modeling. ”

    Well tell that to models and even normal every day people whom I know have got work from interviews through other companies doing webcam interviews, if you want I can give you their names.

    “2…There is no such thing as international modeling agencies.”

    Again tell this to FORD models and Elite models, they have offices all over the world, I am sure they would love to know they are not an International model agency Shows how much this Patrick Yuen knows about modeling…lol, then again not a lot of photographers do know how a modeling agency operates.

    “3…There is no such thing as model training via webcam ” well tell that to Michelle Hanson who does online training and knows people who do training on Skype, her link is on our website to her website.

    “4…Then after this, this Patrick Yuen says all this and makes all these claims about this happening and being so factual and true about it in his blog, and he then goes on to say in his blog…

    “There is probably no such person as Jason Earle.”
    They claim to be operating out of Australia. It does not really matter. Everything on their site are PROBABLY lies.
    Know he says PROBABLY when he just made all these claims that it is true…lol. As I said… no checking, no nothing, he is just writing crap for the sake of writing it.
    So thanks again anyone who reads this and I apologize for so much reading, So I hope this has explained it, if it hasn’t please get back to me ( my email [email protected] )
    Jay York

    • Damn. Someone needs a whambulance.

      • anonymous

        they sent me this email –
        We are Located in Wiltshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills C.A, however you firstly still have to go through the process as I described in my last email to you and send in some photos firstly to see if would meet the criteria in a model we look for as all model agencies do.

        Also I would include your name as you have not in any of your emails, I would think that would be a natural courteousy you would have thought of, don’t you? no offence meant.

        Regards again and as I say just send in your details and photos and we will look at them and get back to you if you meet our criteria or not.

        Alana Hemming

        • Bella_donna

          Alana Hemming does not exist. If you could prove it, by say letting one of us have a video conference with her, then you may have some minor little bit of credibility. Not a possible thing for you to achieve since this is a bullshit scam, which you are being exposed for

    • BTW, comments on this posts are not moderated but the Disqus commenting system flagged your comment as possible abuse. Even a machine thinks you’re full of shit. Send me an Ipad2 with Facetime so you can interview me about this. I won’t get naked for you though.

      • Jay York

        this comment is not worth repying too . abuse.. you say ..
        Even a machine thinks I am full of shit.. amazily enough its your machine.. and machines dont think, so I assume you just thought you would write more bullshit for the sake of it.. wish I had the time to waste as you do

    • Bella_donna

      You are a fucking liar and you deserve everything that is coming to you. The fake lawyer was a nice try though

  • Brenda

    In reply to Elle and Cam. I did an interview with this Jason in Australia and nothing like Elle said below happened, he did mention his daughter and seemed very proud of her, he said she models for them, nothing about prostituting herself out of a strip club for 11,000 dollars and so on, what happened Elle, he knocked you back as a model like he did with me, then again Elle hun if you cant take a knock back get out of modeling. I get them all the time. It is a part of modeling that you cannot get every job you apply for Elle, you must be young are you? Also I read this blog on here before I did the interview and the blog on the jclvnetwork.com.So I did some checking into ftv modeling also before doing the interview. I also looked up that http://www.whois.net/ and called them on the phone and found out that it is there company that is located in France not ftv modeling, they told me that ftv are actually based in Australia and Los Angeles and that the http://www.whois.net is only to see what domain names, (http://www.com/ names in other words) are available worldwide, it is not a business name search. It is to see what .com names are available and if you can buy the .com name you want. So its misleading as all it tells you is that ftv modelling is a registered . com name already taken and you cant buy it. It does not even tell you where the .com name is located you have to call like I did on the phone to find that out. As I said the http://www.whois.net/ are located in France not ftv modeling as the jclvnetwork.com says, it only tells you that the name is already taken and been registered. So its just a free site where you can look up what .com names have been taken if you want to buy one. So I then goggled the Australian phone book and came up with http://www.whitepages.com and typed in the name ftv modeling and hit this blue find button and it gave me the address and phone number and a map where they are located, so I called them also and they answered the phone and I spoke to this Jason on the phone before I did the webcam interview as he seemed very nice. As to Cam, I don’t see anything wrong with this what you call a picture. I am a friend of Jay Yorks from ftv modelling in Los Angeles and 256studio.com on my facebook and 256studio is owned by a Scot Birchfield a different person totally, I can only assume that people like Elle and Cam read something on the internet and believe it without calling. All it takes is picking up your cell and calling. So I all for ftv modeling even though I did not get to model with them I wish I had as I I am definitely sure it would have helped my career blossom even more.

    • Well “Brenda”. Let me give you a little lesson on making fake profiles to defend this sad little scam. There is something called an IP number logged with each comment. The public does not see it but I do and I can see that you are posting from the same IP as Jay York. It’s rather pathetic that you came back with a fake name just to rehash more garbage. As you can see from the Facebook LIKE button above, over 168 people have already clicked LIKE. That means this link has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook and other social media. This post also shows up consistently on page one of a Google search for FTV Modelling.

  • Leslie Hooker

    Well, I guess this got sorted out.

    Or did it?

  • Kia

    In reply to Bella_donna ~ And anyone else ~

    see these blogs Bella _Donna that you and Patrick Yuen and these other
    so called models have put in, YOU ALL ARE JUST SO PATHETIC, IT SICKENS
    ME! What are you all jealous because FTV Modelling has morals and values
    and does not believe in porn? There are “FTVGirls” and “FTV Models” when you
    google them. Than there is “FTV Modelling” All three are TOTALLY different sites! Or is it because so called girls
    such as yourself ( ugly, sluty girls, or girls with tattoos or full body tattoos ) that call
    themselves models, after a cheap ass photographer tells you and them how
    “pretty they are and you would be a great model” just so they can get
    more pictures taken out of you? You girls would not even begin
    to know how to model let alone know what a REAL MODEL IS!! I have been
    in this field for over 16 years and it really sickens me how low this
    profession has gotten too. So glad that I got out of it, for I saw this
    coming way before then. And when an agency tells a model that
    they are not what the company or the advertisers are looking for or you
    or they are not modeling material they get all bent out of shape and
    start crying wolf and writing false statements about people like you
    have. I am 5′ 9″ and I use to laugh when these girls would come
    in wanting to be a fashion model and they are only 5′ -3″. Oh yes, they
    got a boob job..but big deal! After they get the Big boobs they can only
    get in to Playboy or live webcam! Not even paid glamour work as they
    are too short, which is not real modeling, just posing the way the
    photographer wants them too. A REAL MODEL knows how to pose and
    gets the feel of the moment and goes with the flow of the moment and
    gets the job done! A PROFESSIONAL!!! NOT SOME AMATEUR like yourself,
    that think that because they take their clothes off and have pictures
    done that they are PROFESSIONAL models! I can’t stress that enough!! You
    all need to get real jobs and stop the false blogging about people who
    do have real jobs and really care for the industry and the models that
    are in it! Or maybe just read up on what a REAL MODEL IS!!! Not just
    porn sluts!!

    • Guest

      LOL I guess he is back as Kia now.

      • Reply to Guest..I am sure if I was back as Kia Mr. Yeun would have told you.. so what Guest.. you now are making false assumptions.. then again you are most likely like most typical Amercians and are a MORON..

      • in reply to Guest also, at least she has the courage to put her name down, not like you and aothers who are spinless wonders like most Americans and Mr. Yuen who wont put there name down and just go as
        anonymous or Guest, at least get some balls and put your name down, I do , then again I am not a spinless American..

    • Bella_donna

      Kia, nobody in their right mind wants to be anywhere near or anything like you. the day your misery catches up with you and bites you in the ass will be a fine one indeed. But it sounds like it already has since you have given such a hateful and unintelligent response. I am beautiful on the outside as well as in, as is Pat for crusading this. I also have something else you lack. Strength. And it is unshakable. Hope you never find that out in person

    • Starr

      That’s funny. I’m 5’3, tattooed, pierced, and still somehow manage to make a nice living SOLELY off of my modeling career. Yes, that includes Hustler, among many other things. I can afford my $1300 in rent, the upkeep of a cat, a bunny, and two Burmese pythons… plus lots of play dates at massives between here and Phoenix, AZ.

      Someone needs to rethink his prejudices. Tsk tsk!

  • You have to be a real fucking idiot if you think you can use the comment section to post false libelous statements and personal information of others. Send me your Paypal email address so I can send you 10 Pesos to buy a clue and some paragraph breaks.

    • So Mr. Yuen..one they false libelous statements they are actual fact and I see you deleted my comments about you causing all this trouble and the girls being charged because of your false blogs.. I thought you said previously that comments on here are not moderated… well if that is the case Mr. Yuen, why did you block out half of what was written.. so much for your idea of non moderated posts.. so really not much point me even sending in a post when you print the facts and just put in what you like.. TRUE ?

    • Reply to Pat Yuen.. Now who is the real idiot hear …lol. all you did was leave of their addresses .. lol.. and you left their links on there which tells people more than you blocked out …lol… so who is the idiot het Patrick.. dahhhhhhhhh …lol. you dumbass half bread American moron like 80% of you are …

      • Jay.. if you were indeed a professional, you would have dropped it by now. if your company is real, then alert the police, or who ever the hell deals with this crap, and ask that this blog be removed, also, it is not very professional AT ALL to be the owner or manager or whatever of a modelling company and calling people ‘dumb ass half bread American’ also i thought you were french?? im pretty sure french dont say dumb ass…

  • Anonymice

    The girls got in trouble with the law for reading Pat’s blogs? LMFAO

    • I just want to assure my readers that it is safe to read this blog. I have letters from Homeland Security, Dept of Justice, DEA, U.S. Customs, Scotland Yard, Interpol, and the Canadian Mounted Police that states this blog can be read without fear of prosecution. I’m working on getting a footnote added to the Koran to state the same for my Muslim readers.

    • I don’t their laughing Anoymice and seriously I don’t think it’s anything to laugh about people getting into trouble, we did not want too, but had no choice but too have them charged, We are not happy we did it, as I said I don’t like to see anyone in trouble, So I really dont think it’s funny they did get into trouble even if you do. I would hope you wouldn’t think it funny actually
      Jay York

      • This is deputy Barney Fife of the Mayberry sheriffs department. I can confirm these girls are in big trouble with me. Wait until I tell sheriff Andy Taylor about all these shenanigans.

  • Anonymice

     Jay York has recently posted on Facebook the names,
    addresses, and phone numbers of the models he is ‘mad’ at. 

    • Kia

       And your point is????   Seems like EVERYONE was doing that in the beginning to other people. So what is so different about this or wrong? People can dish it out but they can not handle it when it comes back at them like a pie in the face now can they?

      • Guest

        You can’t legally publish people’s home addresses and phone numbers, dumb ass! It’s going to be funny when the feds show up at your door. 

        • Kia

           And just by the words that you used….I know who you are !!!   So once again  who is doing the smearing? SKANK!!! And yes YOU CAN! Oh and speaking of the “FEDS”…..you know my dad? Oh, yes that’s right….hahaa….I saw your picture! :))

        • Jay York

          Kia is correct,  You can legally publish people’s home addresses and phone numbers otherwise you wouldn’t have online phone books or Google would not be as rich as they are. So think .. dahhhhhhhh.. then again I keep forgetting you are most likely American so like 80% of you, you can’t think as you don’t have brains to think.. Also, if it was illegal, Mr. Yuen here would not be able to publish that we are based in France and that I am French.. oh hang on, Khate Rhad, actually Khate Surgue said I am in New York, then again someone else posted here that we are in Beverly Hills and another posted Australia and another posted New Jersey or somewhere, I forget now, well whereever I am I must have a lot of frequent flyer miles 🙂 so maybe I should use them.. MORON

  • Jay York

    Who said I was mad at them. I never mentioned being mad at anyone Anonymice.. or is that you Mr. Yuen posting this as  Anonymice ???  you could be posting all these Guest or Anonymice or any comments on here without a name, I would bet it is, anyway, post what you like as I said.. where does it say I am MAD at them, I Just posted the truth that they stole moneu and property.. I did NOT say I was MAD at them.. read it again Anonymice

  • Stephen

    Jay York has a picture of a model on his facebook page a few months ago that he says made an FTV shirt for his company. The model is from FASHION TV and this is where he stole the picture!!


  • I find it amusing that those who seek to defend this FTV Modelling scam are the ones who are helping generate views and spread the word about this scam. This post would have died long ago with all the other dozens of scams I highlight but Jay York and his various alias have kept it visible and searchable for a long time.

    Thanks Jay for helping get the word out that this is a scam. Much appreciated.

  • Summerchic182

    this guy contacted me tonight (September 22, 2011) saying all of this stuff. He never did any webcam stuff but he is going around as “Jay York” now. I searched “Jason Earle” also and its the same junk! He went on about some”international modeling agency and went into some real detail.
    Here’s another blog on it:


    • Feel free to post the content of the email you received so others can see it and allow Google to index it.

  • Casssysapimpette

    he just contacted me tryint to set up an online interview via skype, i researched it then told him sorry its not for me..also if your a modeling agent or w/e hes saying he is i dontthink they would type every word wrong hm

    • Wow. He’s still at it? How pathetic. Bottom line, legitimate modeling agencies do not conduct business using Skype or any webcams. Only pervs do that.

  • SteffieB

    He’s contacted me under the name of Robert Malraux (Feburary 2nd 2012)

  • Pretty8a8y

    Hello Brittany,”Hannah is my name and firstly let me thank you for the photos you sent in to us.I work in FTV Modelling’s models placement, so therefore it’s my job to recommend which models would be good to do a clients shoot for their advertisement to go into a magazine. So, I will explain what my position therefore is with the photos that girls send in to us, as I am sure you would be aware we receive quite a few.It is my task as well as two other people that work here to go through the photos that girls send in to us and look the photos as a panel and select as to whom we feel does have potential and who doesn’t as far as the looks, figure etc.  When we have chosen who we feel does, we then forward these girls photos on to Jay York, he is in charge of FTV Modelling still photography division for the U.S.A. & Canada and makes the final decision who we  take on as a model.Now, I must say we liked your photos and yes, we do believe that you have the potential as far as the looks etc. go. So therefore, as we liked them so much, they have now been forwarded onto Jay. Now, seeing as we have forwarded your photos to him, you have made it past step one, so now Jay will take over from here. Now they way he does this, is he will set up a time with you when you can talk to each other on the internet so as to see if you have the personality to go along with your good looks etc. Now he can only do this, if you have a computer of course for one thing and if you have msn or Skype installed.His MSN is [email protected] his Skype name is, ftvmodels So if you have either of these, could you please add him, then he will talk with you directly regarding modeling with us. So therefore, I hope your computer has speakers and a webcam. Now if it doesn’t however, could you please get back to me and let me know so as I can inform Jay and maybe we can work around it someway if you don’t.So, congratulations at this stage on making it past step one so far and I wish you all the best in the future.Kindest regards,Hannah EarleFTV Modelling Models Placement.  ”
    sent back in feb. 2010
    can’t believe this scam is still going on… i’ll look for more

    • Jay is calling himself Hannah now? Sweet. And of course you need a webcam to “talk” to him. Hard to see a striptease by voice.

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