Model Mayhem model Akeem Cayo killed by police in a home invasion robbery in Washington DC

Akeem J. Cayo, 21, was shot and killed by D.C. Police in a shootout as he and two others tried to flee the scene of a home invasion robbery in a home near Catholic University on Sunday night.

Akeem Cayo
Akeem Cayo
Akeem Cayo as he appeared on Model Mayhem

Akeem J. Cayo, 21, was shot and killed by D.C. Police in a shootout as he and two others tried to flee the scene of a home invasion robbery in a home near Catholic University on Sunday night. Cayo and two other assailants, Davon Sealy, 19, and Steffan Fields, 21, of Gaithersburg, went to the home to buy weed.  Six roommates living in the house and four of their guests were in the house about 10:30 p.m. when the three burst into the house, clad in black with masks over their faces and wearing black gloves. Fields threatened to kill everyone in the house and proceeded to assault several people by kicking them as they lay on the ground. Someone managed to call 911 and police arrived and surrounded the house at 10:40 pm. All three assailants attempted to make a run for it about 11:10 pm. Cayo, armed with a semi-automatic pistol exchanged gunfire with police and was shot dead at the scene. Sealy was shot at the back of the house and died five hours later at the hospital.

Akeem Cayo maintained a profile on Model Mayhem (portfolio) and last logged in on February 8th. On his profile, he stated:

I am an outgoing person and ready to take on new adventures.

He also maintained a Facebook profile where he listed Scarface among his favorite movies. His profile also indicated he graduated Mundy’s Mill High School in 2007 and attended Montgomery College Rockville. An online published account indicates Cayo may have had a tough time finding work. In an article dated February 3, 2010, Maryland’s Gazette wrote:

From jobs in retail to restaurants, Akeem Cayo of Gaithersburg has applied for just about everything since November. Cayo, 20, moved back in with his mother after spending almost three years in Georgia with his father. While he was a senior in high school in Georgia, Cayo worked as a waiter at a restaurant, but he was laid off. He said he grew tired of working for moving companies and at other odd, inconsistent employers.

“This is a chance to get a job,” Cayo said as he sat, twiddling his thumbs. “I’m scared of rejection. I’m hoping they give me a chance.”

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    They didn’t go there to buy weed. This article is incorrect.

    • You’re probably right. Most people probably don’t go buy weed with mask, gloves, and pistols. They probably had no intention of paying.

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