Nokia Lumia 810 and 820 review

Nokia managed to implement Windows 8 Mobile into a sleek, modern handset that’s comfortable to hold and use. The use of tiles makes one handed use of the phone easy and efficient.

Nokia Map

The Map and consequently Nokia Drive + BETA is inaccurate to the point of being almost unusable. GPS has to be reliable or users quickly lose confidence. The map is clearly not ready for prime time. During initial testing, I thought Nokia Drive + BETA’s turn-by-turn voice prompt did not name the streets or exits limiting its usefulness in densely populated areas. Later testing revealed that the correct voice file had to be downloaded to add this critical feature and turn-by-turn with street names is not available in all languages.

Nokia Map

  • In testing, the app completely lost track of me when I drove under an overpass losing the GPS signal. When it did re-acquire the GPS signal, it could not figure out I was on an overpass and proceeded to give me turn-by-turn directions as if I were driving on the streets. I guess the fact that I was driving through buildings did not offer any clues to the mapping software. Entire cities are mislabeled. It has no listings for South San Francisco or San Bruno in some scenarios. Instead, it list the city as San Mateo which is the county but there actually is a city name San Mateo. On top of that, there’s no easy way to report map errors so they don’t even take advantage of crowd sourcing to improve the map. Nokia Maps is inferior to both Apple Maps and Google Maps. Map data takes years if not decades to refine and the process never stops. Nokia Maps is the newest entry and they have a long way to go to get their map data competitive with Apple and especially Google. Map data correction also requires a big army of users to report errors. On this front, Nokia has decided to give their map app and data to iOS and Android users to expand the user base. I really want Nokia Map to succeed so let’s hope Nokia quickly makes improvements to the map data.


Browser failed to detect and serve mobile sites

Despite being configured to prefer mobile sites, Internet Explorer failed to serve the mobile version of Testing on my blog showed the same result with IE serving the desktop version instead of the mobile version. By contrast, the Samsung Note, LG Optimus G LS970, and HTC EVO running Android were all able to detect and serve the mobile version of both sites properly.