Bogus offers

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The sole purpose of these entries is to allows Google to index key words used in these scams. Know that the scammers often change email addresses, names, and other wording. It it meaningless who or where the message came from. They are all fake. What is important is to recognize a pattern and to learn how things really work so you recognize when you get an offer that is so far out of the norm that you immediately recognize it's a scam.

I am Steve Ryan, owner of DMS Studios. I am currently seeking new models to ad to the DMS Team. All shoots for me pay 800-4900 CASH. I pay cash so you do not have to worry about if Im for real or if my check will clear. Also I pay when you arrive before we even shoot so you know. I have shoots for everything from tanning salon ads, to Wedding catalogs, to boat dealers, to custom motorcycle shops, and everything in between. We are currently backed up over 150 shoots and need some models to help get caught up. I currently have 52 models that work for me full time and have done so for a minimum of 2 years and up. Think this is too good to be true? Then pass this up and let a great opportunity leave you behind.