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The sole purpose of these entries is to allows Google to index key words used in these scams. Know that the scammers often change email addresses, names, and other wording. It it meaningless who or where the message came from. They are all fake. What is important is to recognize a pattern and to learn how things really work so you recognize when you get an offer that is so far out of the norm that you immediately recognize it's a scam.

From: Global Woman Magazine
To: [email protected]
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 10:04:01 -0700 (PDT) (envelope-from [email protected])
> Hello,
> My name is KAMERON. i am freelance modelling agent working for Global woman
> magazine in New York recruiting models for Essentials Magazine currently wanting
> models for a new and special edition of the magazine.I saw your profile and
> pictues while surfing the internet, I appreciate them and I would like us to do
> some works together.I presently have good offer for you. I want to know if you
> are interested in modeling because I need pictures of a good looking person who
> will be on the magazine cover of one of next month edition.Please let me know if
> you are interested in the Job. You stand a chance of making reasonable $550 from
> this deal to start,and even a noticeable fame. Let me know if you are interested
> by mailing me in my offer and I would give you further details
> If interested,Get back to us with the below information
> Name :
> Models Only
> age:
> Gender:
> height:
> Ethnicity:
> Skin color:
> Hair color:
> Hair length:
> Eye color:
> Regards