International Modeling Agency – just another worthless website.

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They claim to be an "international modeling agency". There is no such thing. Modeling agencies are local and must comply with local laws. They are based out of Spain and solicit anyone and everyone to pay their marketing fee of £80. They don't care what you look like as long as you pay.

Here is an email from them.

We are very pleased to confirm that we are to offer you a two year contract with IMA.
After looking at your photograph we are more than certain you have what it takes to become an IMA model and succeed as a professional model with our agency.

Your new member log in and user name details are below;

Username: ---
Password: ---

Once you have read this e mail please go to and complete sign up using your personal log in details as described above.
When you do log in you will be asked to agree with our terms and conditions then you will need asked to pay the marketing pack fee of £80.00.

£80 marketing fee to cover;
-100 model comp cards
-Profile on
-Self printable z cards from
-Inclusion in the 2010-2011 IMA model directory sent to over 100 clients
We are constantly asked the same 10 questions so please read our answers below and if you then have any more questions relevant feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer.

I will sign off for now and we hope to work with you very soon.

Simon Carter.
International Model Agency.
23 Castalia Square, Docklands, London E14 3NG

The questions and answers they provided:

Q 1.Do you want to meet me in person?
A. We will in time but for now we are happy to accept you on the strength of your pictures. Here at IMA we no longer do drop in´s as it takes up far too much time. The majority of our clients will book a model on the strength of a model card and photographs without actually meeting the model in person so the same applies to us.
We do however run IMA model nights at least every 3 months where we all get together and mingle, so obviously we will meet in person at one of these events.

Q 2. Why do I need to pay the marketing fees? A. Because you need to be marketed!!!
A. In this cut throat industry we need to prove to a client that they are booking a professional model and our marketing pack ensures just that. The marketing pack will also ensure maximum exposure in all the correct places and get you seen in the best possible light.

Q.3. I am always told not to pay anything upfront so why are you asking for £80?
A. Who told you not to pay anything upfront to a model agency?
Was it your photographer while he was taking hundreds of pounds from you while doing your photo shoot?
Was it some dodgy model advice site on the internet?
We are not claiming to be the world´s biggest agency and we simply could not afford to invest in all of our models. We just do not have the financial resources to do so. We know that you have what it takes to work as a model so you need to help us to help you. . Think about it if you where an hairdresser going to college you have to buy a hairdryer, a brush, scissors and so on. You have to purchase these tools as they are the tools of a hairdresser trade and you need a portfolio and a marketing pack as they are your tools of the trade.

Q 4. Are you sure I will work and where will I work?
A. We would not accept you if for a minute we did believe you never had the attributes and potential to become a model so we are more than certain we can find you placements in your chosen modelling category. The main place models work is in or around London however we do find work nationally. Just remember no matter where the job is expenses are always paid.

Q 5. What commission do you take from me and what will I earn?
A. Here at IMA we will negotiate the best possible rates a model can get. We do that as the more you earn the more we earn so expect anything from £350 for a day to maybe thousands a day. Out of any work we do find the model we deduct a flat rate of 20%.Please note this rate does not differ at anytime and is totally capped at 20%.

Q.6. I work full time shall I give up my day job?
A. NO! Start your modelling career part time then see where it goes. We do have some models that work twice a week and others that work once a month so our advice is always the same.

Q 7. Do I need to travel for jobs and do I get notice?
A. As mentioned previously a lot of the work is based in or around London so depending on where you live then yes travel may be necessary however expenses are always covered for models travelling to and from assignments. Most jobs you are booked at the very least one week prior to sometimes one month so you should have plenty of notice.

Q 8. Are my pictures good enough?
A. YES and do not go to the expense of purchasing anymore! Your portfolio teamed with our marketing pack will ensure we find you some lucrative placements. Also when you are booked out for work our contract insists we get a copy of the images once they have gone to print. Therefore we will build your portfolio for free whiles being paid to do so.

Q 9. I have another agency can I still register with IMA?
A. Yes we are not a sole agency agreement, in actual fact we encourage models to work with other agencies as the more experience a model has the better all round. If you are thinking of joining another agency feel free to ask our advice on them.

Q10.I see you are based in Spain also. Does this affect me?
A. Yes double the work, two countries gives you double the opportunities. This applies more for models over the age of 18. We would also like to point out we adhere to the majority of UK BERR rules and regulations so you are completely safe. However by law we are governed by the Spanish authorities.

Q 11. What shall I do now?
A. Go to our website and log in using the personal log in details that you have been given, agree with our terms and pay the £80 marketing fee. Once that is completed we will contact you within 24 working hours and guide you through the next easy steps.