Is Chainmail Treasures on Model Mayhem a legitimate designer?

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Is Chainmail Treasures on Model Mayhem a legitimate designer?

In my opinion, no. He has burned multiple models dragging them in to long discussions about modeling his chainmail pieces and not delivering. He has also asked multiple models to submit nude images so he can "determine the fit". This is not how legitimate designers determine fit.

In one exchange with a photographer regarding scheduling a shoot with models, here is what transcribed.

Subject: hi PRINT

Chainmail Treasures
10/12/10 9:58 PM, how can we work this out?

Death of Field
10/12/10 10:02 PM (Message read)
What measurements do you need?

*** will model one outfit I have one other model as well.
That will be two outfits and two sets of images.

You can ship them to the studio and i'll have Kennedy take her outfit home after the shoot, then send you images.

Chainmail Treasures
10/12/10 10:03 PM
all the measurements i use i have posted

Death of Field
10/12/10 10:06 PM (Message read)
You say head where?
like a headband?

Your list of body parts is not very instructive, do you want lose, tight, where on the head? where on the thigh?

You might want to work with a body chart to help people out.
I can get you one set tomorrow.

I don't want to measure the wrong way.

Chainmail Treasures
10/12/10 10:13 PM

fitting, i guess

i never thought of that. i'm so used to having to do all this myself

Death of Field
10/16/10 9:21 AM (Message read)
Why the fuck are people telling me you need nude images along with measurements?

Chainmail Treasures
10/16/10 11:18 AM
it's to help me make items like shirts. and only if they are comfortable with it. it's not mandatory and i do have a legitemate reason behind it

Death of Field
10/16/10 11:25 AM (Message read)
Seriously, you're full of shit.

There is no reason to ask for nude images for sizing once you have measurements. The model is now refusing to work with you.

I have worked with dozens of tailors and none of them request nude images in addition to measurements. IF you think you need images you can ask for simple typical casting images with a bikini top.

No wonder no one will work with you.

Chainmail Treasures
10/16/10 11:41 AM
i'm not full of you say.

i even offer to explain this to people when i ask.

the purpose for this is because i'm used to making the items on the model. this way i can ensure a proper fit. but since i can't do that here, i thought that if i could see the curvature of the model, it would help. that with the measurements should be enough to make items correctly.

this is the first time i have gotten bad feedback. i am sorry to have seemed unprofessional, but i am trying to do this the best i can. and being new to world of professional models, the last thing i want to do is make someone mad.

Death of Field
10/16/10 12:02 PM (Message read)
Well it looks like until you find a more professional way to present yourself you will have problems.

When I made my offer to help public, I received a message from a friend that I needed to take a look at your many unprofessional forum posts and your lists that shows dozens of crotch shots.

I let him know that I was going to try and work with you anyhow and let your forum professional behavior slide.

THEN, I get a message from a model stating that you requested nude images & that she chooses to drop the project and does not wish to work with you. I will do nothing to convince her otherwise.

1. If you can't work without nude images then you will never gain any sort of support of gainful work, do you honestly think all those chain-mail designers at ren fairs require nude images to create clothing?

2. The model ALREADY has nude images in her portfolio to show her body, if you want to get an idea of her general shape then you could have just looked at her portfolio and gotten an idea with no added images from her.

3. Now that I have at least TWO people telling me you have shown yourself to be unprofessional, seriously you need to clean up your act, no one will want to work with you, and no one will even want to be associated with you.

Chainmail Treasures
10/16/10 12:07 PM
all i can say is that i am trying to do this right. i admit i need help.
but now that this is brought to my attention, i will be doing things to better improve this situation. and i truly thank you for letting me know.

please convey my appologies to this model that i have offended.

Death of Field
10/16/10 12:13 PM (Message read)
I am in no position to apologize for your behavior.
that is your job, if you have been blocked then it is your fault, if you have been reported to the MODS then it is your fault.

The best course of action might be to go BACK to that thread and PUBLICLY apologize to everyone because the project is now on hold.

I do not appreciate being made a fool of by having models drop out because you acted inappropriately.

I strongly suggest that you remove your list and start another one that is more appropriate for the kind of work that you want to do.

I can still get measurements from a few more models but I'm not sure they would even want to be associated with your profile.

Chainmail Treasures
10/16/10 12:17 PM
i have no idea which thread it is that i said anything on. i'm not even sure which model you are talking about. and the last thing i'd want to do is to harm you rep in anyway. i am sorry. i will indeed delete my list. i'm not sure what is that i did that was inappropriate to begin with.

Death of Field
10/16/10 12:25 PM (Message read)
Many people offered to help you.

WHY do you need nudity to do your work?

You have two casting calls up and one is for UNDER 18.
You are requesting nude images from other models.

Are you serous?

Do you not understand that asking for nude images in not appropriate for non nude work? Showing crotch shots in your lists is not appropriate? Having casting calls for nudes for your designs THEN ALSO having casting calls for UNDER 18 for your designs.

Either you need nude images or you don't why the fuck are you casting for under 18 when you are busy sending out requests for nude images?

I'm shocked you have not been kicked off this site.

Chainmail Treasures
10/16/10 12:33 PM
i am re-thinking everything i have been doing. already my list is gone.

i am casting for both nude and non-nude work for my chainmail.

and i am learning as i go as far as what i can and can't do here

Death of Field
10/16/10 12:42 PM (Message read)
Put together a serious proposal for what you need to design a chain mail outfit.

1. What you will create.
2. What measurements are needed.
3. What casting images are needed.
4. How long it will take to create and ship once you have all needed info.
5. Use standard proper grammar and English.
6. What you might expect in the way of images.

The simple fact that you are casting for nude and non nude for your designs makes the whole idea that you asked for nude images proves that you don't need nude images and makes you look like nothing more then a perv image collector with an agenda and you have no real desire to actually work with anyone here on MM and are just here to get more porn.

Chainmail Treasures
10/16/10 12:47 PM
i haden't thought of it that way. i will be doing things differently from now on.

who is the model that i offended? i would like to oppologize to her

Death of Field
10/16/10 12:51 PM (Message read)
Just how many models did you request nude images from two days ago?

This is the message above:

"What measurements do you need?

*** will model one outfit I have one other model as well.
That will be two outfits and two sets of images.
You can ship them to the studio and i'll have Kennedy take her outfit home after the shoot, then send you images. "