Modeling & Photography FAQ-General

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    What does TFP/TFCD mean?

  2. What is a test?

  3. What is a GWC?

  4. What does OP stand for?

  5. What is a MUA?

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    What is a MUA kit fee?

  7. What is a tearsheet?

  8. What does it mean when I contact a model or photographer to collaborate and they never respond?

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    What are standard portfolio sizes for models and photographers?

  10. Where can I buy portfolios?

  11. Is there a list of fashion magazines?

  12. Show me some fashion images.

  13. Show me some fashion models.

  14. Show me some awesome images.

  15. A photographer or model wronged me in some way. Should I tell the world about it?

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    Is there something I can use to open RAW camera files?

  17. How can I check references for a photographer or model?

  18. I'm not with an agency, how much should I charge?

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    Where can I find a portable changing room?

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    How many images should be given to a model for a TF shoot?

  21. Can a model use images from a TF or test shoot even when the photographer has not issued a written images license?

  22. What does a typical runway look like?

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    Who pays? Does the photographer pay the model or does the model pay the photographer?