How many images should be given to a model for a TF shoot?

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This is something that should be negotiated before the shoot. There is no standard. Some photographers give a cd of all images unedited while others will give 1 or 2 final images per look. In general, the more accomplished photographers will favor quality over quantity and experienced models understand this. The key is to have this settled before the shoot. Images sized for print should never contain a watermark. It is optional if you want to put a watermark on web images but make sure it is unobtrusive.

In general, like kit fees for MUA, giving models all unedited images is viewed as an amateur move. Likewise, a model asking for copies of all images is viewed as an amateur model. Some models ask for all images after the shoot because they have been burned by a previous photographer. The solution is not so ask for all images after the shoot as this will limit the model to mostly amateur GWCs. The real solution is to get a commitment in writing from the photographer.

Those who advocate a firm stance for all circumstances are usually wrong. For example, while I generally don't give out all images unedited, I have done so for certain jobs when it was negotiated in advance and it did not cost the client a second mortgage. The key to a successful negotiation is flexibility and communications.