Modeling & Photography FAQ-Legal Resources

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    What is a model release and where can I learn more about it.

  2. What States require a written model release?

  3. Do I need a model release to photograph pets?

  4. What is a license agreement?

  5. What is a shoot agreement?

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    What is the age of majority by State in the United States?

  7. If a model pays a photographer for pictures, does the model own the copyright?

  8. What is required for a child under the age of 18 to work in California?

  9. What is the Coogan law as it applies to minors?

  10. Where can I find more information about talent agency license requirements?

  11. What are some of the notable sections of the California labor code regarding talent agencies?

  12. What is copyright?

  13. What are the advantages in registering copyright?

  14. What is the Berne convention?

  15. What is a trademark?

  16. Where can I find a list of photographers' rights?

  17. What is the section of California law that covers the use of a model's image?

  18. What are the legal requirements to work temporarily in Canada?

  19. Where can I learn more about State Right to Publicity Laws?

  20. Where can I learn more about licensing my images for commercial or editorial use?

  21. In the United State, is it illegal to photograph a minor in lingerie, swimwear, or nude?

  22. Do I need a permit to shoot there?

  23. Where can I find more information about obscenity laws by State?

  24. What are some of the various State laws regarding public photography and voyeurism?

  25. How does Texas differ from other States as it pertains to public photography?