Meeting with a fashion agency. Any tip?

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First look at their website and see what their models look like and what kind of pictures they have. If you bring any pictures, yours should be consistent with those on their website.

  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Wear your hair tied back or away from your face.
  • Wear medium size heels but bring high heels.
  • Wear neutral colors. White tank top and jeans are safe.
  • Wear minimal makeup.
  • Wear minimal jewelry.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Use Visine to remove any blood shot eyes.
  • Don't be too chatty.
  • Put your phone on silent.
  • Plan to arrive 30 minutes early but walk in on time if you have an appointment.
  • Wear form fitting clothes but don't wear tight fitting clothes that will leave marks on your body.
  • Wear your swimsuit underneath your clothes.
  • Make sure your winter bush is not showing.

Regarding pictures, less is more. Include relevant tear sheet from known magazines and campaigns. Do not include a screen capture of some stock photo you did for Joe's plumbing. Do not include runway pictures. DO NOT include nudes unless they are amazing fashion nudes. Do include basic shots that show what you look like. Do not bring more than ten pictures unless those are national tear sheets.