What is the standard size for a comp card and where can I buy them?

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Comp cards are 8.5" by 5.5"

If you are signed with an agency, you must order your comp card from the agency or their printer. Agencies will have standard designs for all their models to keep it consistent. If you are independent, you may order your comp cards from one of these websites. Some sites call their comp cards postcards. Just select the postcard that is 8.5" by 5.5".

Spotlight Printing & Imaging 500 for $343 (68.6 cents each)

Vista print 500 for $170 (34 cents each)

ColorCompCards 500 for $239 (47.8 cents each)

CompCardExpress 400 for $279 (69.8 cents each)

Headshot Depot 250 for $240 (96 cents each)

The Print Collective 200 for $109 (54.5 cents each)


Overnight Prints100 for $65 (65 cents each) or 250 for $80 (32 cents each)