Modeling & Photography FAQ-Photography

  1. What does it mean when a model list her age as 99 or more?

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    What does it mean when a model list her weight as 10 pounds?

  3. Images from my camera are coming out at 72 dpi. Should it be higher?

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    Should I set the DPI on web images to 72 DPI?

  5. What PPI should I use to print my images?

  6. How do I build a portable power pack for my strobes?

  7. Where can I find more information about LCD monitors, calibration, and lighting?

  8. What is better for white balance? A gray card or a white card?

  9. Where can I find a photo related Q&A index?

  10. What does it mean when a model has nudes in her portfolio but states that she does not do nudes?

  11. I need info on basic lighting techniques.

  12. How can I setup a proof gallery where models can view proofs and purchase prints?

  13. How do I spot a photography scam?

  14. How can I send large files to someone?

  15. Why are the colors on images I upload to the web different?

  16. Where can I learn more about Adobe Lightroom?

  17. How do I embed a watermark into my images?

  18. How do I clean my DSLR sensor?

  19. How can I calculate an estimate on what to charge for an editorial photo for a publication?

  20. Where can I find Waterfalls?

  21. How do I learn about using a light meter?

  22. Do I need parental consent to photograph minors?

  23. If I will not be using images of minors for anything, do I need a model release for a minor model?

  24. Is there a way to prevent download of my images?