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Dear Esteemed model
My name is James Coleman, a freelance modeling agent working for Hello
Magazine(www.hellomagazine.com) in recruiting models,make up artists and
Hair stylists.I am currently recruiting for a special
edition of the magazine which will take place in united states between
10th - 20th March 2010 and presently we are recruiting good models
around the world for this shoots,i saw your profile on model mayhem
and some of your works while surfing on the internet.i appreciate them
and would like us to do some works together,i presently have good offer
for you.i want to know if you are interested in working with us at Hello
Magazine.The sum of $300 will be given to you
for the preparation of this shoot and you will be paid off immediately
after the
shoot. Below are the Details of the Event:
This opportunity is for few models and fashion people who want to
guest and also investors, it is tagged 'CALI FASHION FOR 2010' from the
10th - 20th March
The Show will be in California 'USA' Be Informed that all expenses will
be based on our Company,Hello Magazine , USA. (i) A get together of every
model will be held on the 14th at the Calif State Hotel. (ii) The first
Exhibition, will be held at 12:00pm on the 15th and 16th, and there will be a
lot of prominent and a lot of very important people coming for this
(iii) You are just required to wear our fashion products and model with the
other models coming along for this event (iv) You are required to model on
17th and on the 18th with the same schedules of the above dates. (v) You will
have a break on the 19th to be able to visit around the city and do some
shopping, touring as well as catching your fun. (vi) And on the very last
which is on the 20th, you will be required to take Billboards picture and
photo in the morning, which we'll be using for our Billboards adverts and
Posters. You will be going out this
same night for an Award Night, the President of the pro gramme also will
there to witness because he'll be the one to present the gifts. (vii) You
will be paid the sum of $6,320 (Vat / tax Deducted) after modeling on the
20th of
March and a Certificate of attendance will be given to you which will be
stamped by the Network of Models Worldwide and you'll be able to attend
any Model get together, Concert, Meeting and Conferences anywhere in the
If you are Interested in the Above Event, Fill the Below information:
First Name:
Last Name:
State / Province:
Zip / Postal Code:
Contact Phone #:
Alt Phone #:
E-mail Address:
Marital Status:
I look forward to hear from you soon
Thank you,James Coleman
Modeling Department
Hello Magazine