The 5 Minute TF Shoot Agreement

Creative commons license Pat Yuen (Creative Commons) Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States

Amateur models and photographers alike face the problem of lack of written agreements when collaborating in trade shoots. Those starting out are often at a lost as to what documentations are needed for a trade shoot.

This is an attempt at simplifying that process by providing a simple set of three documents that address the most common disputes between photographers and models. It is not something that will fit everyone’s needs and is certainly not a replacement for properly drafted documents by a qualified attorney but let’s be practical, few if any amateur models and photographers are paying hundreds of dollars to hire lawyers to draft contracts for a trade shoot. This is something that is simple and easy enough for most people to understand and use.

The set includes three documents which should be signed and executed separately. They are presented on a single page for simplicity but they should be separated. The set includes a model release, a usage license, and a basic shoot agreement. Feel free to modify as required for your own use.

Models sometimes want some kind of protection from having their images used in porn or other commercial use. The best way to do this is to not sign any model releases. Don’t bother trying to restrict such use in a shoot agreement. A photographer who will violate a model’s right to publicity will not honor any shoot agreement. As for profit sharing, don’t bother with that either. Models don’t get residuals. If you want to get paid for commercial use, negotiate your fees up front. If you do sign a commercial model release, you have no room to complain later when you find out your photos were sold. It’s exactly what you agreed to. Models who do sign commercial releases rarely get to pick and choose how their images are use. It’s usually all or nothing unless you have a household name.

How to use this: Download the file from the link at the bottom and review and agree to all the terms in advance of the shoot.