How to change the look of Model Mayhem to a dark theme

The current color palette of Model Mayhem is your basic black text on a white screen. I find it uncomfortable to look at for long durations. I prefer a dark gray palette with light gray text and I find images are more pleasing when viewed with a gray background.

For Firefox users, this is easily accomplished with an add on called Stylish. It simply replaces the CSS code with ones you select. It it strictly a client side implementation and requires no changes on the Web site. It is browser specific so if you want to repeat this look across computers, you’ll have to install and implement the add on on all computers.

I took this app style created by Dave Ward and changed the color palette and fonts to my taste. Here’s a summary of the changes I made:

  • Screen space outside of the site changed from white to black.
  • Changed default font to verdana, sans-serif.
  • There are three main background colors: black, gray for the forum pages, and dark gray for avatar backgrounds.
  • Removed top banner because it’s a waste of valuable vertical space especially on netbooks.
  • Changed quoted text to blue in forums.
  • Changed unlinked text in the inbox to red to highlight new emails.
  • Changed the color palette of the Plastic Puppet search to be consistent and also increased the font size.

Known issues:

  • If you choose to keep the gray background I used, you will find it hard to read the ‘photographer’ , ‘wardrobe stylist’, and ‘photoshop wizard’ profile label because these colors are hard coded instead of using CSS and cannot be changed using this add on. This does not really bother me much but you are free to change the gray to a lighter shade but keep in mind if you change it to too light a shade, the body text will be hard to read.
  • The list count in the thumbnail pages will also be hard to see for the same reason stated above.