How to customize client side web pages in Firefox

Anyone who visits websites regularly has had moments when they wished certain elements of the site were laid out differently. Sometimes it’s as simple as too many nested links to get to an often used feature or it might be misplaced elements that make the page difficult to read and navigate. For Firefox users, one solution is to use the Greasemonkey (wiki) Firefox add on but that can be a daunting task for someone with little or no programming skills. Customize Your Web Firefox add on by Rudulf Noe offers a simple to implement solution for modifying basic elements of web pages. It’s a relatively new add on and does not have the extensive following of Greasemonkey but it may be the right solution for you if you just need some basic functionality without much coding. It’s limited to Firefox for Windows or Mac and the documentation is nearly non-existent but I got it to work with a little poking around. Keep in mind it does not work well with highly dynamic pages such as Google mail. Some of the features of this add on are:

  • Remove elements.
  • Add elements like links and icons.
  • Modify an element like resizing text.
  • Insert links to html or Javascript (Of course you’ll need to know how to write html or Javascript)
  • Create keyboard shortcuts for any linkable item.
  • Execute macros

I know what I’m doing. Just give me the file.

Customize Your Web add on for Fire fox. Click the download link and click allow when prompted.

CYW xml scripts for Model Mayhem in zip file. Save to a folder and unzip. Import all xml files into CYW add on. After you install and import the scripts, check here to learn how to modify variable fields to customize the links to your profile.