How to modify your custom Model Mayhem links for Customize Your Web

You have reached this page because you have not yet customized your user definable links. Follow the instructions below to create your own custom link. If you are looking for the general instructions or the original xml files to customize Model Mayhem, check this link.

Before you begin

How to backup scripts

I recommend exporting each script after they are completed. To export the script,

  1. Go to Tools in Firefox, CYW, Open configuration. You can also right click on the CYW icon on the bottom toolbar of the Firefox browser.
  2. Highlight the script and export to XML.


How to disable scripts

To disable certain scripts, select the script using the drop down box. Once you have it highlighted, check the Disabled box and save.


How to modify the custom menu

The replacement menu contains some custom options which must be edited for your specific Model Mayhem # or your preferred searches.  Specifically, there are thread selections which require you to input your Model Mayhem number. You can do this one of two ways.