How to transfer Facebook friends to Google+ using Yahoo Mail

Facebook friends export

Early testers of Google+ know that there is no way to import Facebook friends from within Google+. A Google Chrome extension died a quick death on Tuesday when Facebook revoke API access for violating Facebook’s terms of service for data scraping. There is a much easier way to transfer your Facebook friends without installing any software.

Yahoo Mail can be used as a transport medium to move Facebook friends emails from Facebook to a CSV file. And since Yahoo has permission from Facebook for this use, it’s doubtful Facebook will kill this anytime soon. Note that all you are doing is making a copy of the email and contact info normally viewable to you if you were to view that friend’s info page. If they opted not to share that info, you will not get it.

Required tools:

  • Yahoo Mail account (you can even create a temporary one for only this purpose)
  • A Google+ account tied to a Gmail account for impor
  • Will not work if your Goggle+ is tied to a Goggle apps email.
  1. Go to Yahoo Mail contacts tab.
  2. Choose ‘Import your Contacts from other accounts to Yahoo!’
  3. Choose Facebook.
  4. Click OK when prompted ‘Share with Yahoo!’ (enable popup to see this window)
  5. Import process will start. (This may take a few minutes if you have lots of friends)
  6. When finished, a screen will show XXX number of contacts imported.
  7. At this point, go to your Google+ account and see if you can get access to your Yahoo contacts under Circle-Find and Invite. Those not able to connect this way can move on to the next step.
  8. Click done and it will take you to the last imported contact screen.
  9. Check all and choose export to Yahoo! CSV under the Tools drop down menu.
  10. Export to your computer.
  11. Open your Gmail account.
  12. Click import contacts and add them to a new group with any name you want.
  13. Now go to Google+ and you should see the new contacts when you go to Circle-Find and Invite. (Note this will not work if your Google+ account is tied to a Google App email. It only works if your Google+ account is using Gmail.