Migrating Pegasus Mail to Google Gmail Using IMAP

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I received a request from a client to migrate several years of Pegasus emails to Google Gmail. Pegasus does not have any kind of export mail option so it was a real challenge. One option is to simply forward all the emails from Pegasus to Gmail but that would screw up all the sender fields. Forwarding may not always include attachments in the proper format and it adds some text to the original email with a forward header. There are some commercial applications like Transend Migrator that will do the conversion but I knew that had to be a free way to do it. After searching extensively on the web and getting a headache from looking at web pages which haven’t been updated since 1997, I finally came upon a solution that would be easy and painless.

The solution is to use IMAP as the pipeline to transfer all the old emails. Both Pegasus and Gmail support IMAP. In fact, most popular email applications support IMAP so it’s possible to use IMAP to migrate to and from any email applications that support it.