My perfect email replacement

What’s needed is a unified system that integrates email, chat, sms, and voice mail. Facebook is trying to do that but their system is Facebook centric and I don’t want such a system. Google is probably the best poised to create such a unified system since they have gmail, Google app, Chrome, and Google voice.

I use text messaging, Yahoo messenger, Facebook chat and Facebook email, and over a dozen email accounts on gmail and yahoo mail in addition to my own domain’s email via Google apps. In addition, I use Google Voice which transcribes my voice mail into text and sends me a link to my email. Most of my emails are forwarded to a main account but the problem is if I reply using that account, the sender now sees a reply from a different email address and that can be confusing. For important emails, I can use Yahoo mail because I usually have Yahoo messenger open and it will pop up an alert but if I don’t have it running, I don’t get the alert. For critical alerts, I prefer to send an sms message but not all applications support that so I setup a poor man’s alert system by creating a Twitter account that is configured to send me an sms when I get a new tweet. I then setup whatever trigger to update that private Twitter account. As you might imagine, keeping up with all these different platforms is quite a chore. Continue reading “My perfect email replacement”

Facebook tries to reinvent email. Don’t toss your email just yet.

The new Facebook email will integrate email with chat and sms messaging. It will determine reply methods based on online status and other criterion so to limit potentially expensive sms messaging fees.

Many have tried to revolutionize email and have failed. Even Google with all their resources failed to turn Goggle Wave in to an email killer. ┬áSo users are stuck with an antiquated system from the 70’s. Little has changed since those pioneering days. You still have the basic format of From: To: Subject: & Msg body. Once you give out your email, you have little control over who can send you spam. Continue reading “Facebook tries to reinvent email. Don’t toss your email just yet.”