America’s Next Top Model Fires 12 “writers”

Why does a reality based television show with no actors and no scripts need twelve writers? The answer apparently is that they don’t. The producers of ANTM announced that the next cycle of ANTM will no longer employ writers. Apparently, the “writers” (aka story producers) job was to go through the footage and craft dramatic story lines by deciding which characters to follow. So they didn’t actually write anything. They just looked at the footage and said “Hey, that looks interesting. Put that in.” That kind of sounds like an editor to me. So Ken Mok decided that editors were fully capable of deciding what’s interesting so no more “writers” for cycle 8. Of course, the writers are not happy. They’ve filed a complaint against the show claiming they were fired in retaliation for them going on strike last year. Check out the full article here.

Melrose Continues Her Advance On America’s Next Top Model

So Melrose continues to steadily advance on ANTM. I thought for sure that the twins would be gone by now but they do photograph well in certain editorial fashion shots. Beyond that, I don’t see either one of them having much commercial appeal. Among the remaining contestants, Melrose is by far the most marketable. Even more so than cycle six’s Danielle Evans. As some may recall from my last blog about Melrose, I had some insider tip regarding the outcome of the cycle 7. Although I do not know the eventual outcome, a slip of the tongue from a well placed insider leads me to believe that Melrose may have prevailed. This conclusion is based on a comment that Melrose is currently under contract for a year. I don’t know all the inner workings of how the show does their contracts but I don’t believe the losers are under any kind of contract if they get booted. I wouldn’t be surprised if she does win as she gets stronger with every episode and if you watch carefully, all the animosity from the other contestants comes down to their jealousy over her strong performance from week to week. Of course with Monique gone, the producers have to try their best to find a new villain so they will edit the show as best they can to depict Melrose as the one to hate.

Art Institutes of California-SF Student Fashion Show Gallery

The Art Institutes of California San Francisco held their annual student fashion show on October 21st at the Regency center presenting the works of over 21 fashion design students. There were several awards presented at the end of the night for various design categories. The judges include Priya Saraswati of Saffron Rare Threads. There was one award though that was overlooked. So after an exhaustive review of over 700 images from the evening, I now present the award for ‘most graceful runway model’ to Dena who made a gracious recovery from a spectacular tumble off the stairs at the beginning of the runway. Display it proudly.

Check here to view the full gallery of over 726 images