You suck at faking an online profile: Volume #2

Hello, Pat here again. A few of you may have read my previous lesson entitled: You suck at faking an online profile: Volume #1. Well this is volume #2 and it’s going to be quick. I’ll repeat the primary lesson from the previous volume: If you’re going to fake a profile and use stolen pics to create your profile, don’t draw attention to yourself by participating in the forums. Case and point: We have before use one legend of luxery inc. He claims to be a wardrobe stylist and here is how he describes himself:

i … the fury,my name speaks for itself,and i am not a wardrobe specialist,i am a model/now designer and whatever i go after my hunger to achieve it is relentless,my purpose for being here is to network with like minded people,for i am also the creator of beautiful artistic couture,whether it be,jewelry,clothing,leathergoods,furs everything i do is provocative,thought provokeing,my work…speaks for itself,also im here to work with models who want to be part of a movement…not some other fashion line,cause as we all know,the industry has sliiped over the last few years…the crap they pawn off on people and call it couture is a joke(lol)from the rappers who aint never designed a line in there life(we know they just rent there name out to these comglomerates)and that they dont even own these company,s(can i say sean john or roca fake loud enough,lol) the models i work with will leave with a legendary experiance and be well paid for the worth,they will know there were involved in the beginning of greatness.see they should worry about how there gonna stop me…..they should be worry about the brutal reality of the fact that they cant…..

Now I can hardly make any sense of that but I think somewhere in there he claims to be a jewelry designer. Looking at his portfolio, we see these images of watches. Wow, very impressive indeed. They look very luxurious and refined. A true accomplishment for any designer indeed. But there is something odd about those pictures like how some of them have page numbers on the bottom. There’s also these two pictures which where obviously scans of pages. I mean I can see the bent corner. What the hell?

He even list his future web site as Wait….Delacour. I’ve seen that somewhere. Oh yes, it’s on one of the watches. Here it is.

Let’s Google deLaCour and see what we can find. Here it is. It seems they are a swiss watch maker. I wonder what connection “the legend” has to them. This pink diamond encrusted watch looks lovely. Lets see if we can find it on this retailer’s Web site. Here’s something really close. This Delacour – City Lady Series – MOD. Dc 401 sells for about $8,500. I wonder if “the legend” can hook us up with a deal.

Hmm…I wonder what other watches he “designs” for deLaCour. Lets take a closer look at the two catalog scans above. It looks at like the Delacour – Bichrono Hommage Diamond Series -MOD. Dc 701 that sells for a mere $133,141. A real steal for such a stunner but I’m sure “the legend” can cut us a deal with his version.

What a coincidence that “the Legend” designs are so closely matched to deLaCour. Almost like some of the watches are just variations of the same series like this one in his portfolio.

It looks like a variation of this Delacour – Bichrono Plain Series -MOD. Dc 201 that sells for $12K.

Well Mr. legend of luxery inc might say that he never claimed to design those watches. That he just supplies these $133,000 dollar watches as part of his wardrobe styling. That might work except for this caption on one of his images.

I mean maybe deLaCour is employing watch designers from Harlem, NY. I couldn’t really tell you. What I can tell you is that this is the deLaCour Sagra Weekend watch.

Well, I can go on with the rest of the portfolio but I think I’ve made the point. I bet if I look hard enough on deLaCour’s Web site, I will find the ring under their Sensations line. Now I don’t know exactly what the criterion is to call yourself a wardrobe stylist but surely it means more than downloading a few pics off the web and slapping a label on. I don’t exactly know what kind of mess this profile is but one thing is for sure, it’s not legitimate. So in closing, the lesson for today is: if you’re going to claim swiss watches as your own, Photoshop out the name of the watch company first. My name is Pat and you suck at faking an online profile!