8.8-magnitude earthquake hits central Chile

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By EVA VERGARA, Associated Press Writer Eva Vergara, Associated Press Writer – 1 min ago

SANTIAGO, Chile – A massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck Chile early Saturday, killing at least 78 people, collapsing buildings and setting off a tsunami. A huge wave reached a populated area in the Robinson Crusoe Islands, 410 miles (660 kilometers) off the Chilean coast, said President Michele Bachelet. Tsunami warnings were issued over a wide area, including South America, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, the Philippines, Russia and many Pacific islands. Continue reading “8.8-magnitude earthquake hits central Chile”

Track adsense revenue in Firefox without logging into your adsense account

If you are an Adsense publisher, you can avoid logging into your adsense account to track your revenue.  This Firefox add on allows you to show key Adsense statistics on your browser’s status bar. As of this writing, it’s the only Adsense Firefox add on that works with Firefox 3.6. It will show the following stats based on your user configuration.  You can choose the duration and what Adsense ad types to track. Your Adsense password is passed directly from your computer to Google so there is no security risk.

  • Page eCPM
  • Clicks
  • Page CTR
  • Earnings
  • Impressions

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Los Angeles firm posing as Elite Model Management?

So it has come to my attention a company calling themselves Elite Fashion Academy has hit the internet with a website offering classes for modeling , photography, makeup, hair, fashion, and acting. Well first of all, that’s damn talented of them to be able to offer an academy for such a diverse range of subjects. The academy is run by Renee Esebag and the main domain was  created on Oct 1, 2009. It is well known for those with experience that virtually all modeling schools are pretty much worthless. Legitimate modeling agencies don’t make money by offering classes. They make money by booking real jobs from clients. Modeling schools are usually offered by agencies in small markets to supplement their client bookings and some schools like John Robert Powers and Barbizon are not agencies at all. They will pretty much take anyone with a valid credit card. This Elite Modeling Academy managed to make themselves look pretty legitimate by licensing the Elite logo. But the key is in the details. Elite Model Management Corp, based in NY is the Elite most aspiring models know about and they are simply not going to offer modeling classes. Here is a statement from Elite NY. Continue reading “Los Angeles firm posing as Elite Model Management?”

Argentinian man pushes van off the path of train narrowly escaping being killed

Thirty-year old Jose Luis Medrano is being hailed as a hero in Argentina, and all over the world, today after a surveillance video was spread on the internet featuring him pushing an occupied van off some train tracks moments before he got himself out of the way of a speeding train. The incident occurred in Tigre which is in the state of Buenos Aires, on the northern side of the city of Buenos Aires. Medrano later told the press that he was returning from visiting the sanctuary of local folk saint Gauchito Gil in Mercedes, riding on the back of his friend’s motorbike, when he saw that a van’s engine had stalled on the tracks in Tigre and that a train was approaching. Not even knowing who was in the van, he jumped off the bike and ran forth to push the vehicle to safety, narrowly escaping being hit by the train himself. Continue reading “Argentinian man pushes van off the path of train narrowly escaping being killed”

Stockton, CA 2nd most miserable place to live in U.S.

Welcome to Stockton.

The city was named the second suckiest place in the country by Forbes, dropping from the top spot in last years’ ranking thanks to Cleveland. The “improvement,” however, did not console Michael Fitzgerald, columnist for the local paper, who had this wish for the mag:

Forbes, I hope a space barge filled with alien sewage strikes your headquarters and knocks your capitalistic fish wrap offline until 2013.

The Forbes study takes into account unemployment, sales and income taxes, commute times, violent crime, sports team performance, government corruption, weather and Superfund sites. And while Fitzgerald says the mag got some things right (taxes and commuting), he wonders about the categories for unemployment, Superfund site, city’s sports teams and crime.

via The Scavenger : ‘Miserable’ city list makes Stockton columnist miserable.