Stockton, CA 2nd most miserable place to live in U.S.

Welcome to Stockton.

The city was named the second suckiest place in the country by Forbes, dropping from the top spot in last years’ ranking thanks to Cleveland. The “improvement,” however, did not console Michael Fitzgerald, columnist for the local paper, who had this wish for the mag:

Forbes, I hope a space barge filled with alien sewage strikes your headquarters and knocks your capitalistic fish wrap offline until 2013.

The Forbes study takes into account unemployment, sales and income taxes, commute times, violent crime, sports team performance, government corruption, weather and Superfund sites. And while Fitzgerald says the mag got some things right (taxes and commuting), he wonders about the categories for unemployment, Superfund site, city’s sports teams and crime.

via The Scavenger : ‘Miserable’ city list makes Stockton columnist miserable.