Los Angeles firm posing as Elite Model Management?

So it has come to my attention a company calling themselves Elite Fashion Academy has hit the internet with a website offering classes for modeling , photography, makeup, hair, fashion, and acting. Well first of all, that’s damn talented of them to be able to offer an academy for such a diverse range of subjects. The academy is run by Renee Esebag and the main domain was  created on Oct 1, 2009. It is well known for those with experience that virtually all modeling schools are pretty much worthless. Legitimate modeling agencies don’t make money by offering classes. They make money by booking real jobs from clients. Modeling schools are usually offered by agencies in small markets to supplement their client bookings and some schools like John Robert Powers and Barbizon are not agencies at all. They will pretty much take anyone with a valid credit card. This Elite Modeling Academy managed to make themselves look pretty legitimate by licensing the Elite logo. But the key is in the details. Elite Model Management Corp, based in NY is the Elite most aspiring models know about and they are simply not going to offer modeling classes. Here is a statement from Elite NY.

Elite Los Angeles is the legitimate LA office of the real Elite Model Management Corp which is based in NY City as it has been for the past 32 years and has represents some of the World’s Top Models and has no association or affiliation with this or any other modeling school or any retail outlet selling merchandise bearing the Elite name, logo or Trademarks.  Elite Model Management is not a part of or a party to the company you have called to inquire about.
If you have an interest in modeling please go to elitemodel.com where you’ll find information on how to submit yourself for consideration for professional representation.

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