Banned from Model Mayhem

I actually just found out about my banning from Model Mayhem about six hours ago. It was not really unexpected and not such a big deal to me. I had already stopped actively participating on the site about 3 weeks ago. I know a lot of people have questions and I’ll be back to explain more later. In the meantime, go read these two posts I made three weeks ago to get some history.

This is the post that supposedly caused my banning. The explanation given to me was “Your actions to disseminate the security flaw yesterday through as viral way as possible without making any attempt to alert the moderator or management team is a clear indication that you are not interested in being a productive member of the MM community.  We feel it is time for you to seek a presence elsewhere.”

I think Model Mayhem would have been better off just banning me without explanation. To ban me for expressing myself on an independent site about an issue that is open to the world just makes it look like they are trying to shift the blame for their continued screw ups. They have already admitted that the security flaw was caused by Dean Johnson, one of their own administrators. They got caught with their pants down in the middle of Times Square on NYE and they are pissed that I pointed at them and laughed while I told those around me. In the meantime, tens of thousands of people are seeing them with their pants down and they are upset I didn’t immediately run up to them and say “hey your pants are down!”

Post your questions in the comment section. I’ll be happy to answer them. 

Update 1: Model Mayhem explains the banning in this post. As I said, it would have been better for them if they had just canceled my accounts without explanation. I have long understood that anyone can be banned at anytime for any reason and I have told both Dean and Brian as much. They really didn’t have to go looking for an excuse. Personally, I don’t need one but I guess it serves to appease the membership.

Then there is all this talk about how I agreed in the TOS to notify Model Mayhem of any security breaches. I bet not a single active Model Mayhem member knew their account was subject to removal if they did not notify the site of security breached they themselves caused. Let’s not mince words here. Model Mayhem banned me because they were pissed I embarrassed them once again for their many problems. It has nothing to do with the TOS. Let me set the record straight. No, I did not notify the site that the world could see their hidden forums. Why? Well it’s not my damn job. I see a screw up, I can laugh about it, I can dance about it, I can IM my buddies about it, I can start an even more public thread in site related about it, I can report it in CAM and wait three weeks, I can tweet it.  I can do whatever I damn well please and I make no apologies about it. I’ll also point out that several months ago another security breach made random members moderators. Some reported it in Site Related which is fully indexed by Google and gets more viewers than my blog. Some didn’t report it at all. I wonder how many of them got banned for failing to report a much more limited and serious security breach. But for those curious, this is what happened: