What I learned at Model Mayhem

Regarding photography:

  • The photographer owns the copyright and can do whatever he/she wants with the images.
  • Web images should be 72 dpi to prevent download.
  • Shutter speed affects strobe exposure.
  • Dental floss in the butt crack means the model is no longer nude.
  • All professionals reply to all emails regardless of interest level.
  • Photographers charge deposits but don’t pay deposits.
  • Photographers require full commercial releases from TF models but models have to get special written permission to print images or use images on an agency web site.
  • Listing photography gear on the profile adds credibility. Buying an International Photography Award adds even more credibility.
  • It’s illegal to photograph a minor without both parents and a notary public present.
  • People care about how much money photography gear cost.
  • People actually care that a model flaked on a photographer.
  • People will care when I leave Model Mayhem so it’s best to start a thread announcing my departure.
  • Everyone in a TF shoot must work free even if it does not benefit them.
  • $35 kit fee is less expensive than a $35 mua fee.
  • Picture comments mean something.
  • A pervert is a photographer who touches a nude model. A true artist is the same photographer with a body painter profile.
  • A true artist cannot shoot with an escort present.