How to overcome Model Mayhem’s new profile bbcode image limitation

Model Mayhem recently imposed a new bbcode restriction on all profiles. As of now,there is a limit of 10 [img] tags for all profiles. It’s not clear if this will be tied to profile tiers. Personally, I see this as a good thing as some profiles went on for miles with dozens of embedded images. Even 10 images are too many for my taste but people who do that do so at their own peril just like people who choose to embed 50 videos and 200 images on their Myspace profiles causing it to lock up browsers. Of course, the number of images is not really the problem. It’s the size and number that add up to be a problem. For example, browsers can easily handle a profile with 20 smileys but if you embed five 10 megabyte tiffs served from a server running on a 56K modem, expect to see high bounce rate. But of course, clueless Myspace wannabe models have no idea what tiff or bounce rates mean.

I have no idea what the reasoning was behind this new limitation. Some has suggested it is another way for Model Mayhem to take away features or a way to encourage tier upgrades. As it stands now, the 10 image limit is for everyone so I don’t see how that would encourage tier upgrades. If it does end up being a premium and VIP feature, then yes, it is just a move to milk more money as bbcodes require no resources from Model Mayhem whatsoever. The images are served from outside servers and it makes no difference to Model Mayhem if there are five images or fifty images on the profile embedded via bbcodes.  But they don’t really need to justify it from a technical standpoint. After all, new accounts are restricted from using bbcodes and there is no technical justification for that.

Choosing an arbitrary number to limit has its pitfalls. While it does serve to limit the casual member from embedding too many images, it does little to prevent someone from circumventing the limit by just creating a montage of images. It also penalizes those who like to embed a series of small gif, icons, and clipart. So far, it appears Model Mayhem may try to enforce some kind of new rule on those creating montages. This is that last thing they need. They have enough problems trying to define what a bare ass is. It’ll be a can of worms if they let a bunch of moderators decide where one image ends and another one begins.

Having said that, I don’t want you to be left out of the fun just because you have no photo editing skills. If you find yourself frustrated by the 10 image tag limit, simply create a montage using the instructions found here. You can use the same technique to display more images in your portfolio. Once you create the montage, you can use a single [img] tag to embed the image. Of course, you’ll need separate images if you want to display text between images but 10 should be plenty. If 10 is not enough for you, even with montages, it doesn’t really matter what you put in your profile because people are probably running away from it in droves.  Remember to keep all your layers separate in case you want to change them up later. Keep your image width under 600 pixels or you’ll screw up the layout of the profile.

There’s no telling what will or will not be allowed so proceed at your own peril.