New report confirms Jason Andrews role as an over possessive escort/boyfriend

Among the discussion of the Amanda Logue murder case, there has been some references to Jason Andrews role as an escort and over possessing boyfriend.

Among the discussion of the Amanda Logue murder case, there has been some references to Jason Andrews role as an escort and over possessive boyfriend. Just a side note for those who are not familiar with the term “model escort”.  As used in this context, the term escort does not refer to escorts as prostitutes. Among the internet modeling communities, heated debates often center around models insisting on using escorts during shoots. It is relevant here because Amanda herself has argued for her right to use an escort for her safety. Ironically, it was her escort and her that ended up killing a client. Granted this was not a photo shoot and the client was not a photographer so the parallel ends there.  In this post on Model Mayhem in April 18,2009, Logue wrote:

Its a simple solution…If the photographer does not allow your escort then move on there are others that will…If the photographer does allow a escort make sure you bring someone who knows how to conduct themselves in a professional manner…If your scared don’t bring someone for protection just don’t shoot…It does not matter if you have a escort if your scared you will still be uncomfortable and then the photographer will be uncomfortable also and the results will be less quality work…A escort such as a BF can be a ok experience if they allow the photographer to do his job and if the BF does not have the mind set that he is there for protection…A mature model that is serious about their work should have the intelligence to not bring a gang member or drug dealer or mofia or anyone that will interfere…Also references !!! both model and photographers should take a little time to check out who they will be working with…If they have a reputation of being unprofessional then that should be your first and biggest qlue not to shoot…

A new report published in AVN sheds some new light on the role of Jason Andrews as it pertained to Amanda Logue.

The AVN source said the producers were aware that Andrews was Logue’s boyfriend, and that at first he had seemed to accept her involvement with the hardcore website.

“He was actually okay the first time they came by,” the source told AVN. “After that, he started getting more possessive and started limiting what she could do for shoots.”

According to the source, Logue participated in one shoot for the site, but that a second shoot was canceled when Andrews learned that it would involve oral sex. He canceled the shoot, the source said, and it was after that that things got strange.

One night, Andrews reportedly showed up at the shooting location for the website, where he sat outside alone in his car for hours. Logue was not at the location at the time, but the source said it seemed apparent that Andrews thought she was. Finally, the source left the location with a friend and “one of our dogs and walked right next to the guy to let him know we were also part of the house and knew he was sitting watching it. He drove off after that.”

Understandably, the source said they were all shaken after hearing about the homicide, Logue’s admission and Andrews’ possible involvement.

Without commenting on Andrews’ culpability for Abrahamsen’s murder, or the ultimate motive behind the killing, the source had a perhaps obvious observation (and warning) for anyone involved in the creation of adult content.

“You can’t have jealous tendencies if your girlfriend performs porn,” the source said.