Your humor is not welcomed here on Model Mayhem

it seems satire has no place in the Off Topic forum on Model Mayhem. This recent thread was locked and labeled as “trolling” while the photographer who posted the thread was put on forum time out.

“1: a literary work holding up human vices and follies to ridicule or scorn
2: trenchant wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly”

That’s how the  Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Satire. But it seems satire has no place in the Off Topic forum on Model Mayhem. This recent thread was locked and labeled as “trolling” while the photographer who posted the thread was put on forum time out.

The entire original post of the thread contained a single link to a Craigslist ad that was a satirical piece on the often despised practice of cheapskates on Craigslist wanting photographers to work for nothing. Here it is in case the ad gets taken down.

Homeless Photographer Needs Food. Will shoot for food (Huntington Beach)
Date: 2010-09-04, 8:20PM PDT
I posted this using the library. I go to the library almost every day. I’m a professional photographer who has gone homeless due to shooting so many gigs for free. I was fed food before. But obviously that didn’t pay my rent and didn’t feed me often enough. Due to my love for photography I couldn’t sell my gear. I know you often offer food for photographers time. So I decided only way to survive and shoot photos is work for food. Must provide me with minimum whole days food per shoot. I normally camp along the Santa River along Brookhurst. So we got good places to shoot right where you’ll find me.
If you are person who cares for photographers and willing to feed them please message me asap. I’m starving. Even if you could provide shelter that would be better. Please help me continue with my photography. If you’re willing to pay that obviously would be better so I could afford to start paying for rent and food again.
Other photographers who don’t want to sell their gear please don’t shoot for food. Get a job at Mc Donalds where you get fed and paid same time. I should of done that myself. Now due to me living on the streets and having no address no person will take my application.
Don’t worry I don’t smell. Beach showers aren’t to bad. Plus I usually get enough soap from public restroom to get cleaned up.
I obviously don’t have my photos to post due to not using my own computer which I don’t have any more. I do have my printed portfolio which I can show in person.
thank you very much. please don’t flag me. I’m starving. This week all food I’ve eaten is junk found in trash cans and so on. Would be nice to have a fresh meal. Even a beer which I used to shoot for free shooting for those promoters who make so much money but only gave me drinks. So promoters all of those out there I’ve shot photos for food over time. Please help me get off the streets.
If you have your own compact flash card that we can use. If not we’ll figure out some way for you to get a disc of the photos.
This is regardless you a person dreaming of making money off of modeling, a promoter, some clothing company looking to advertise for free, or a sport team looking to have photos for fun please take this opportunity! Begging you I don’t want to live on the streets. It has been difficult to watch over my gear 24/7. I don’t even have a place to lock it up any more. I’m carrying over 100lbs of gear. Yes no joke. From various lenses. Studio gear, all those different cameras needed depending on assignment. Due to having my studio gear still we can set that up at your location. But obviously since I don’t have money to pay for a taxi and have no car will need you to pick me up. I tried selling my car to pay rent. That did help for some time. But obviously didn’t last long enough.
Sorry had to make this so long. I don’t get access to computer as often as I did back living in comfort.

I guess if Scofield Editorial Inc. had an account on Model Mayhem, they would probably be banned for making this video.

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