San Bruno can stand tall as the generosity of strangers knows no bounds

I’ve spent the last two full days at the San Bruno local assistance center and I have to say I am very proud of my fellow San Bruno neighbors. Almost immediately after the crisis, local businesses mobilized to provide immediate aid without hesitation or delay. On Friday, the day after the explosion, donations came pouring into the San Bruno Recreation Center. KFC brought over 200 boxed meals, local pizzerias offered countless pizzas, and local fast food restaurants provided meals to any takers.

As the saying goes “it takes a village” and San Bruno proved they are not just a city but a community. Physical goods donations were so overwhelming that by Saturday, they started redirecting all non-cash donations to the local Salvation Army and Goodwill locations who are better equipped to handle such donations. The San Bruno Recreation Center is not setup to process physical goods donation but they did a remarkable job with a small army of volunteers who sorted and cataloged clothing, shoes, blankets, toiletries, and enough food to fill up a small store. There was so much clothing, sorted boxes had overflowed to a walkway outside.

The general public does not realize that it’s not just the direct victims who need food. There is a small army of volunteers and support staff who need to eat. Obviously, the direct victims are the first priority but local business brought enough food to feed everyone. On Saturday, the Lion’s Club of Millbrae, along with others, provided hot food the entire day. Later in the day, a local Filipino restaurant even added some ethnic flare to the offerings.

On Sunday, BurgerMeister mobilized their mobile grill and provided burgers and fries. Dennys donated four trays of pancakes in the morning, and Costco provided additional food to feed the masses. It’s almost impossible to list all the organizations who donated time and services so feel free to take your bows in the comment section if you did and I’ll update the list.