2010 Folsom Street Fair photo gallery

The 2010 Folsom Street Fair was a great success with gorgeous weather, the expected large turnout, and lots of entertainment. This year’s fair seemed larger the previous years with the popular Janus spanking booth at least four times larger than previous years.

Surprisingly, for a fair of this size, the police presence was visibly minimal inside the fairgrounds. There were plenty of police to control traffic but the number of uniformed officers appeared small compared to the troubled ridden Halloween Castro party. This may be because the Folsom Street Fair attracts a more specific audience rather than the general audience the Halloween party might attract.

One standout booth that really entertained was the Steamworks Twister booth. The participants were fully clothed by Folsom Street Fair standards but the instructions by the M.C. calling out the instructions were beyond debauchery and at the same time hilarious. Other exhibitors provided ample demonstrations of spanking, bondage, suspension, and fetishes that most would not even know exist.

It’s not an event that can easily be described in words to a general audience. To truly experience this uniquely San Francisco event, you just have to go. The 2011 Folsom Street Fair will be on Sunday, September 25th, 2011. The fair always take place on the last Sunday in September.

Twister at the Folsom Street Fair

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