How much time does it take to remove a stalker from Model Mayhem?

How much time does it take to remove a stalker/harassing member from Model Mayhem? Here’s just one example. Your mileage may vary.

TOS from Model Mayhem

In addition, the following behaviors or activities are strictly prohibited when using the Model Mayhem Services by any member or Model Mayhem Services’ user:

  • Harassing, intimidating, stalking or threatening other Model Mayhem members

Time since reporting of 100 harassing messages

Time since reporting of police case number



Time since reporting notice of temporary restraining order hearing



Time since reporting grant of temporary restraining order


Edit: March 29. The verdict is in. Apparently, it takes about three months to remove this on particular stalker and only after he violated the restraining order by repeated leaving profanity laced voicemails with the model.