HP Touchpad 16 an 32 GB inventory at Best Buy

Update August 28: According to Gizmodo, “Robert Lopez, a Best Buy employee, Best Buy stores received their final shipment of TouchPads between 8/24 and 8/25. No further shipments will be made. The ticketing system was to make selling the tablets fair to customers. Any stores that still have TouchPads just happen to have a few left in their stock. So that’s that.

Update August 26 7:30 pm: Multiple reports are coming from lots of Best Buy stores. There will be no additional shipments of Touchpads. Sure, a few may trickle in here and there but they are done. Another report that Merced and Modesto are the only Northern California stores getting any new Touchpad shipments.

Update August 26 10:00 a.m.: Not able to get a screen shot this time but I can confirm no new stock and no in transit units for both the 16 and 32 gb units in all locations listed below. As I said, I think Best Buy in the Bay Area is done. As a confirmation of my last report, there were no significant lines at San Francisco Geary or Colma this morning. I arrived at San Bruno at 9:50 a.m. And there were three in line and no stock.

A little snippet from my brief exchange with blue shirts this morning. I think it is indicative of what many customers have experienced at Best Buy. I wanted to get an update for the Slick Deal thread so I asked someone to bring up the screen for the 16 gb. It showed no stock and no inbound units. Before he was able to bring up the second screen, another blue shirt who had nothing to do with this interjected that there was no stock and they are not getting anymore. I said just bring up the screen so I can see it. He then said again there is no stock and offered to show me some article written to the employees. I said I don’t want to read an article. I just want to see the stock level for the 32 gb so I can let others know the status. I said “That helps you so they don’t keep coming in here to ask the same question”. He said “Why do you care about them?”. Then he mumbled “Touchpad this Touchpad that. Why does everyone want the Touchpad?”. I said “Why are we having this conversation? Wouldn’t it be faster to just bring up the screen?”. As the first guy is bringing up the screen, he again said show him the article. The inventory screen came up and I confirmed there is no stock.

Update August 26, 05:30am: Various Best Buys in other cities are reporting people in line as early as 4-5 am. Some cities reporting 100 people in line one hour before opening. San Bruno had no one in line as of 5:30 am but they were not expecting any shipments. . If you are in the Bay Area have updates on numbers in line or any success in getting Touchpads today, please update in comments so others can gauge the accuracy of Best Buy’s internal inventory list.

This is a picture of the Best Buy inventory of the Touchpad 16 GB model as of 4 pm Pacific Time on August 25th, 2011.

  • I do not work for Best Buy.
  • I cannot check anything else for you.
  • I do not have status of the 32 GB model.
  • You cannot get to this screen on the web.
  • It is fairly accurate but not 100%. The 3 units at Colma is non existent or slipped out the back door. The 5 units in Santa Rosa is also phantom.
  • The zero in transit means nothing is in transit.
  • If you want answers, do not call Best Buy. Do not sit at your computer asking strangers. Get out, go to Best Buy and ask them to look up the sku 2842056 and 2842929. Look at the screen yourself.
  • Your best bet for getting one is to show up at a store which has ‘in transit’ units 2-3 hours before opening.

I want to thank general manager Ben Bagwell at the San Bruno Best Buy for being very helpful. Also, contrary to many online reports of Best Buy employees hoarding Touchpads, the Marin City Best Buy told an employee to wait in line with the rest of us to get her Touchpad. Happy hunting.

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