HP Touchpad FAQ

The two models are identical with the exception of the memory. If this was any other tablet, the amount of memory for apps is a consideration but with this discontinued product, the number of apps is finite and not likely to grow very quickly if at all.

HP-TouchPad-TabletWhere can I buy one?

For all practical purposes, this deal is dead. HP announced they “have decided to produce one last run of TouchPads to meet unfulfilled demand.” It’s unclear if this means just their outstanding orders or if it includes new orders and at what price.

Read more here.

Should I get the 16 or 32 gb model?

The two models are identical with the exception of the memory. If this was any other tablet, the amount of memory for apps is a consideration but with this discontinued product, the number of apps is finite and not likely to grow very quickly if at all. Aside from apps, more memory gives you more room to store music and movies. These are important consideration if you travel a lot and will be away from internet connections. If you often have internet connections, the Touchpad comes with a free lifetime 50 gb Box.net account.

Arguments for getting a 32 gb model

  • It’s 50% / $50 off the original price which carried a $100 premium.
  • $50 is the lowest price right now to add 16 gb to a tablet.
  • There is no way to replace a 16 gb with a 32 gb once it sells out.
  • Although there is greater demand for the 16 gb model now, the 32 gb model will probably hold more value in the long run.

Arguments against getting a 32 gb model

  • It’s 50% of the entire price of the 16 gb model. I can get two 16 gb for $50 more than the 32 gb model.
  • With cloud services becoming more prevalent, storage is not as critical.
  • 16 gb is not crippled and is fully capable when managed properly.
  • A 32 gb model does not run any faster than a 16 gb model.
  • I rather spend the money of a wireless Touchstone charger/stand or a really nice case.

What are the specs for the Touchpad?

See this pdf

How much does it cost to make the Touchpad?

It’s estimated to cost about $328 (32 gb)  for parts and labor alone.

How does the Touchpad compare to the iPad?

The Touchpad is a high end tablet designed to compete against the iPad and other premium tablets. In some ways, the hardware is superior to the iPad 1 and inferior in other ways. For example, the wireless induction charging system is the most advanced on the market right now and no one, include Apple, has it. The Touchpad is not as thin as the iPad and uses a plastic shell. It uses a dual core cpu compared to the iPad 1’s single core cpu. It also has a front facing camera but not a rear facing camera. It’s kind of a blend between the iPad 1 and iPad 2. The Touchpad is 10 grams heavier than the iPad 1 (3g) and much heavier (130 grams) than the iPad2.

  • TouchPad: 740 g
  • iPad 1: 680 g / 730 g for the 3g version
  • iPad 2 610 g

What is the warranty?

HP will honor the one year hardware warranty. There are no returns to sellers since it’s a close out item. Dead on arrival units will have to be claimed through HP.

What is the future of WebOS?

Nobody knows for sure. HP stated they are committed to WebOS for other devices. Read more here and here.

Will WebOS be updated?

Yes, Stephen DeWitt, who heads up the HP division responsible for webOS says updates for the Veer and the TouchPad will continue, but it’s unclear when that would change.

Will the Touchpad run Android?

For the average users, not as of now. Any Touchpad you see running Android is experimental at best and why would you want to unless you just want to tinker for the fun of it at the risk of bricking your tablet.

What’s the first thing I should do after receiving the Touchpad?

Take a picture and post it on Facebook to gloat. 2nd thing you should do is update WebOS. There is no immediate urgency to doing this and waiting may be prudent since HP’s servers are hammered right now. You’ll need the email and password you used to setup the Touchpad then go to this site. Do not do anything on the Touchpad while it is updating.

Can I overclock the Touchpad which runs at 1.2 GHz?

Yes but at the risk of destroying your tablet from overheating. If you’re feeling adventurous, instructions are here and here. Overclocking is a strange new world to Mac users. They can look here.

Can I speed up the Touchpad without risk?


  1.     Go into Settings and click on “Device Info”
  2.     On the top left menu (named “Device Info”) click on “Custom Application”
  3.     Enter ##LOGS#
  4.     On the subsequent Collect Logs screen, select Change Logging Levels
  5.     Hit the Set Logging To Minimal and confirm

What about accessories?

All HP manufactured accessories are also being discontinued. The must have item seems to be the Touchstone wireless charger/stand. It’s unlikely a third party will manufacture this item at the same price/quality so buy it now if you can find it around $40. As for other accessories, there will be plenty to choose from. The Touchpad is about the same size as the iPad 1 some it will fit in some iPad one cases. The HP wireless keyboard is nice but it’s simply a Bluetooth keyboard so any Bluetooth keyboard will work. If you own an iPad, one Bluetooth keyboard will work for all your Bluetooth enabled tablets.

Should I get a screen protector?

Only if you are one of those who wrap their sofas in plastic and have a bra for the hood of your car. It’s a tool, not a piece of jewelry. Besides, the screen is extremely hard and will not scratch unless you are using a rusty iron nail as a stylus.

What about apps?

There’s a few thousand and you can find them here. More here:

What if the battery dies? Can I replace it?

The battery is not user replaceable but there is no doubt there will be plenty of companies offering this service.

Is there a repair manual?

Yes there is.

Will the Touchpad play H.264 movies without re-encoding?

Yes. It is capable of playing 720 and 1080p H.264 video without skipping.

Does the Touchpad support flash?

Yes. Both flash and HTML5 is supported.

Will the Touchpad work with Netflix or Hulu?

No Netflix and Hulu.com has started blocking Touchpad access. You can bypass the block for now by following these instructions.

Will the Touchpad play protected DRM media like those purchased on iTunes?

No and it’s not suppose to.

Can the Touchpad do video conferencing?

Yes. Skype in included and works great.


Angry Birds HD is available.

What can I use this for?

  • Surf the web (no tab browsing).
  • Watch videos.
  • Email, calendar, weather updates.
  • Play music including Pandora.
  • Video calls with Skype.
  • Put it in your bedroom and use it as a really cool alarm clock. (Be sure to cover the camera just in case)
  • Stick it to your fridge and use it as a nag screen for your honey or recipes.
  • Mount it on a wall and use it as a picture viewer or a really, really small flat screen monitor.
  • Put it in the nursery and use it as a baby monitor.
  • Mount it to the headrest of your car and use it to entertain your passengers.

Can I do evil things with the Touchpad?

Yes. You can set it up to remotely monitor a room with the camera so you can use it to spy on your soon to be ex.

Does Steve Jobs own a Touchpad?

No. Best Buy told him no stock and none coming in.

Which of the following is the root of all evil?

  • Barnes and Noble
  • Onsale
  • Best Buy blue shirts
  • Ebay and Craigslist profiteers
  • Slick Deal forum posters who give false leads

Answer: None of the above. Last week, you had no idea what a Touchpad was and now you are dragging your 5 year old kid to Best Buy at 4 in the morning.