Will the Samsung Galaxy Note be your next fashion accessory?

What distinguishes the Galaxy Note from other Android mobile phones is its larger 5.3″ screen and a pressure sensitive stylus complete with a version of Android that has been optimized for a stylus.

Samsung Galaxy Note phone/tablet hybrid

At what point does a phone become a tablet or a tablet become a phone? We’re seeing mobile devices get increasingly larger and tablets get increasingly smaller. At some point, there must be a size sweet spot where these two devices will converge.

The Samsung Galaxy Note, which is currently only available through AT&T, is among the first of these supersized mobile Internet devices. I call them Internet devices instead of phones because usage patterns are changing. People are making fewer calls and using much more data on their mobile devices.

The nice folks at Samsung were kind enough to invite me to a luncheon to present the Galaxy Note with a fashion tie in. Truth be told, I was a bit skeptical at first but having seen the Galaxy Note in action, I can see some potential for designers of all types. What distinguishes the Galaxy Note from other Android mobile phones is its larger 5.3″ WXGA (1280 x 800) screen and a pressure sensitive stylus they call an S Pen™ complete with a suite of Android apps that have been optimized for a stylus. If you are a fashion designer, graphic designer, or photographer, consider the possibilities of having a portable computer with a built in Wacom type design tablet built in.  Anyone who has tried photo retouching apps on a phone or even a tablet will tell you they are limited by the lack of accuracy. The Galaxy Note solves that with a very sensitive smart stylus that is always with you.

There’s a saying in the photography community that the best phone is the phone you have with you. This accounts for the reason more pictures are now taken with phones than cameras. The Galaxy Note has the potential to do the same for designers of all kinds. Time will tell if the apps to perform these task will follow.

In the coming weeks, I’ll publish more in depth reviews of the Galaxy Note along with tips and tricks for use in real world scenarios. Feel free to follow me on Facebook to see these reviews.