T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note to feature Wi-Fi calling

T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling

Samsung Galaxy Note In a move to differentiate itself from AT&T’s offering of the Samsung Galaxy Note, T-Mobile will offer Wi-Fi calling on the soon to be released supersized 5.3” smart phone. T-Mobile already offers Wi-Fi calling on some of their other smart phones. This feature allows users to make and receive calls, access unlimited high-speed data, send and receive messages, and use other T-Mobile features at no additional cost.

According to T-Mobile, Wi-Fi Calling works by simply connecting to an available Wi-Fi signal of your choice, confirm Wi-Fi Calling is enabled on the device, and continue to use all of the device features.

T-Mobile customer Karl Blessing said this about Wi-Fi calling.

The T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling feature has been incredibly helpful for me particularly because areas I tend to stay in have poor cell reception. By utilizing my own home or office Wi-Fi (or any other strong Wi-Fi enabled location) I can get clear calling quality in normally spotty areas.

Also setting the Wi-Fi sleep policy to ‘always on’ will actually improve your battery life dramatically if you are in an area with good strong Wi-Fi reception but spotty cell/data reception. Normally when you turn the screen off on your phone, Wi-Fi is disabled, and the phone spends a lot of juice looking for good cell towers if you’re in a bad area, whereas a good solid Wi-Fi  connection uses a lot less energy in the long run.

With the T-Mobile Wi-Fi  calling, the first time you turn on Wi-Fi  it’ll ask if you knew you could make calls over Wi-Fi , and if I ask for more info it just opens the app and all it has is a simple slider for off/on. Once it’s on it’ll always come back on the moment you Wi-Fi connectivity (and good connectivity at that).


There is no additional monthly charge to use the Wi-Fi Calling feature on the handset. Wi-Fi Calling uses monthly plan minutes for the following:

  • Calls made from the US to US numbers
  • Calls made from the US to international numbers (subject to international rates)
  • Calls made from outside the US to US numbers (not charged roaming)
  • Calls made from outside the US to international numbers (subject to international rates, but not charged roaming)

While this carrier feature brings convenience to new mobile device users, veteran users already know they can use Skype to make limited free calls using Wi-Fi.

T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling
Wi-Fi calling active
Wi-Fi calling weak signal screen
T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling
Wi-Fi calling configuration screen