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TNS Global warning

Beware of Fraudulent Offers of Quick Returns for Cashing Bank Cheques

Members of the public have been defrauded in connection with fake schemes offering payment to people in connection with a ‘mystery shopping project’ or ‘quality assurance project’.

If anybody claiming to be a representative of TNS ever contacts you with an offer promising funds for cashing a bank cheque, or with an offer to send money to TNS, please immediately call TNS.

TNS rarely, if ever, conducts mystery shopping or quality assurance projects that involve cashing checks or sending money electronically.

Enquiries from the US or Canada should be directed to TNS head office in the US: +1 212 991 6000

Enquiries from elsewhere in the world should be directed to TNS head office in the UK:  +44 208 967 0007.

Do not deposit any cheque into your bank account. Do not send any money electronically.

TNS is in contact with the appropriate authorities to identify the perpetrators of these scams.