FTVModelling is a webcam interview scam.

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According to this post.

They will try to get you naked and the guy on the other end is either beating off or recording it for amateur porn content. If you get contacted, see if you can get yourself a free webcam. They have been known to buy webcams for prospective models to be picked up at Bestbuy. Get your webcam, return it for a store credit and get yourself something nice.

Ok so this guy I've shot with before was singing the praises of this company called FTV modelling. I had a dialogue with him where I said girls with lotsa tattoos have to be freelance because mainstream shit sucks and they want cookie cutter garbage. Some folks said to give it a shot anyways so I submitted some pictures and didn't give it a second thought.

A week later I get an email saying that my photographs have made it throuh a lengthly selection process from this lady named Alana, claiming to be an assistant in New York. She then says I now have to meet the owner but since he lives in Australia they were going to send me a webcam so I could Skype with him. This doesn't seem strange to me at all since people do this for business meetings ALL the time so I figure, 'Yeah, cool, send it on over'.

They order it and I pick it up from Best Buy, when it's actually in my hands it's a little surreal but also fairly exciting. How trusting I am, you think me of all people would have learned by now how fucking lame the world is.
So I 'meet' with the guy via Skype, and though he can see video of me I can only see a picture of him. I hardly think anything of it but he seemed intent on explaining it. He then goes to tell me about how rich he is through stories where he's drunk and ruins his $2,000 Armani suit, brings his models around famous football teams and runs $3,000 tabs etc. etc. I'm pretending not to be bored while he says all of this.
Soon enough it's down to business. SO he starts sending me images of girls with the FTV logo in the corner, and talks alot about the expresions on their faces, how they looked like they were having sex even though they weren't, in the throws of extacy, sensual and all of that. He then forwards me a video of one of his models in a shoot. Afterwords he says he really wants to make sure I can give the right look and poses before he flies me to L.A.
At this point it feels pretty strange and creepy but having no experience with the industry other than freelance I have no idea what to expect, and I pretty much assume that working with any agency IS strange and creepy.
But then it went to far. He wanted me to start trying to 'sell him my shirt', saying weird gross things over and over again. He kept saying, 'that's great Khate, that's great, run your fingers through your hair, yes yes they all want you Khate' over and over it was very icky.
Then he askes how I fell about lingerae modelling. I tell him I'm fine with it as I've done nudes as well so it's no skin off my back. Many agencies would want to see you in a bikini, your underwear etc. because they're shallow like that but over a webcam? The guy sounded like he was masturbating. so I ended the meeting and he said meet me via Skype again the same time tomorrow.
Now whatever you want to say, I really dont care about being on the internet in lingerae, that's not the point here and I don't feel like it's a big assault on me or my reputation. What seemed really weird to me was that there was a website, an assistant, an employee whom I knew and some research to back it. Seemed like ALOT of trouble to get a gal in her underwear when I would do it for a TFP shoot? Also there are several companies by the name of FTV, one of which was porn, one of which was fashion T.V., and one of which was FTV modelling, the 'company' I was dealing with. But alas these webcam scams will always take it further and try to get you naked. I had caught on to this by now for sure! ANd further research proved it to be pretty common.
SO me and Michael hatched a plan. The next day (last night), I logged ionto SKype, and of course he was there, waiting. The guys name was Jason, and if he was really running a modelling agency he would NOT have time to be in front of his computer everyday. He jumped RIGHT back into it and pretty much immediately started trying to get me back into the poses. 'Oh yes Khate!', the heavy breathing, all of that. So I lead him on for several minutes really buttering him up and letting him get into it assuming he's got his fucking limp dick in his hand. The heavy breathing got even heavier and the ice in his glass was clinking in a repeated motion. I started to take off my shit to his cries of 'Oh yes Khate, this is exactly what we wan.........' AND THEN MICHAEL JUMPS IN FRONT OF THE WEBCAM AND MOONS THE GUY! he turns around a pumps his dick at the camera a few times, then he moves out of the way so I can display the sign I'm holding that reads 'PERVERT'. 'THanks for the free webcam asshole' I yell while I give it the finger and then end the call.
I feel this was the best way to handle the situation and I wouldn't change a fucking second of it.
The best part he he sent me this enraged email full of spelling errors, and not once did he mention anything that happened! He just went on and on about the webcam being his property and how I'd better bring it back to Best Buy and I'd be hearing from his lawyers!
Haha! Fat chance of that.
Fucking scumbag predators like this drive me crazy! They lie and they lie and they feed off of the insecurities and hopes of girls the world over. They manipulate them and take advantage in a big way promising false hopes of modelling contracts and paid shoots in Milan, all that crap. I caught on pretty quickly, my intuition and my gut forced me to but what if it's some little 18 year old who really wants to be a preschool teacher and doesn't think anything strange about 'the head of a modelling agency' wanting to see her in her underwear (because they will, IN PERSON!) and then let's it continue beyond that.
I wasn't born yesterday and I wish I'd researched the possibility of a scam before hand, it seem's like a nobrainer now but if you've never heard of it before than it seems not too abnormal to be sent a webcam, people do it for business meeting all the time as I stated earlier. But the honest truth is, I couldnt be happier with the outcome!
And if you want a free webcam, just sayin'
The link for the site is:

Here's an email they sent a model after she kept the webcam.

Here is the email:
ello Khat

Now, I dont what you have in your head Khat, and by the way the webcam is not free.

It is the property of FTV Modelling as it was purchased on FTV Modellings account
from Best Buys, as I am sure you aware, so therefore it remains the property of
FTV Modelling and it also proves its our property as we purchased it and it is still
in our name as our property.

So I will have my lawyers email you where to return it too and if its not recieved
within 7 days from the date of that email to the place stating it be returned too,
they will simply have a summons complaint of theft of the webcam issued on you at to
your local Police station closest to your address of:

San Francisco CA. 94110

and then if you do not return it, you will face a charges of stealing property that
is not yours. So I wouldnt be so cheely Khat ok.

check your laws Khat.

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