Fashionstar website registration scam

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The sole purpose of these entries is to allows Google to index key words used in these scams. Know that the scammers often change email addresses, names, and other wording. It it meaningless who or where the message came from. They are all fake. What is important is to recognize a pattern and to learn how things really work so you recognize when you get an offer that is so far out of the norm that you immediately recognize it's a scam.

My name is Jessica Rivers, Coordinating Director for Fashionstar, a reality show that will air on network television.
I'm sending you this private invitation because we thought you would be a good possible fit for our Fashionstar2012 reality show that will be airing next Spring in 2013.
We are looking to fly out our selected candidates to Paris, France with all expenses paid which will be including hotel, air accomadations as well as food. We are looking for potential Male and Female models, Photographers and Makeup Artist.
We would be very interested in you registering and submitting your photos, does not need to be overly professional, as we are looking for raw talent.
Please register and submit your photos on
Please do not send your photos as a reply to me because we have a few judges who look at them and make the final determination. Even if your not selected for the show, our judges do send photos that they feel have potential to the different modeling agencies we work with.
Thank so much and we look forward to working with you,
Jessica Rivers
Coordinating Director for Fashionstar.